Austin Butler may have pulled me in, but Poppy Drayton and Ivana Baquero are going to keep me hooked.

*** Spoilers Below ***

When I first heard of The Shannara Chronicles, I have to admit that Austin was a big draw for me. I loved him in The Carrie Diaries. When I watched the promo it was this big epic story, but it didn’t really delve into the characters.

Poppy Drayton as AMBERLEI interviewed Manu Bennett and Austin at New York Comic Con and they got me even more excited for the show. That could also be because my crush on Austin just grew bigger, but lets get real for a second. Manu said Shannara had some powerful females and he wasn’t kidding. 

The opening of the show had Princess Amberle running in an Elvin tradition that girls aren’t supposed to participate in. Not only that, she was one of the first seven to cross the finish line and she became one of the chosen.

It was a brutal race too. They had to run through the woods blindfolded and their hands tied behind their back. She fought the whole way through.

Amberle is one tough Elf. I wouldn’t mess with her. I love a girl that can take care of herself, which makes it funny when her grandfather sends her protection.

Eretria is also a strong female character, though I don’t like how she handles Elves. She’s a Rover, which I can only assume is some kind of thief. Her dad wants to marry her off, but she has other plans and the Elfstones may help her escape that fate.

Austin Butler as WIL OHMSFORDAt this point it’s very hard to choose between Amberle and Eretria for my favorite character. They are both powerful female characters, but very unique.

I really like Austin’s character, Wil, too. He’s quite funny and fate has creeped up on him.

Probably one of the best quotes of the premiere from Wil: “So I’m supposed to use Elfstones I don’t have to protect a princess who doesn’t want to be found from a demon horde bent on laying waste to the world. And even if I succeed, which is entirely doubtful, my life could still be doomed because magic will have fried my brain.”

He’s definitely in over his head, but something tells me that he will rise to the occasion. He has some naive moments because he’s so trusting, but he does have some smarts. Not to mention the fact that this is his legacy.

He’s the last son of the Shannaras, a family of royalty and warriors. I’m really looking forward to seeing Wil grow. This is a great character for Austin to take on. He can really get depth with this character.

The Elves live in a world where magic has died or has it? They believe all the magic is gone in the world, but we see glimpses of it before it’s revealed that magic is alive and well, but it comes with a price.

Amberle is getting visions and Wil’s mother gives him Elfstones on her death bed.

That magic is just where it begins. As the Ellcrys Tree is dying, all chaos is breaking loose. The last Druid is awakened and the Druid turned evil is also awakened and he’s hell bent on destroying everyone, starting with the chosen.

Before finishing I just have to mention how beautiful the production it is. We really are transported into a fantasy land.

The adventure is just beginning! Are you excited? Let me know in the comments below.

Watch new episodes of The Shannara Chronicles Tuesday @ 10/9c on MTV.

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