Episode three started out intense and never really slowed down. Amberle and Wil can no longer avoid their destinies. It’s time for them to embrace it.

*** Spoilers Below ***

Wil may be naive, but he’s very, very brave. He didn’t let a huge demon stop him, twice.

Which girl was he trying to save when he faced down the second demon? We’ve been told there’s a love triangle, but at the moment it’s seems to be all Amberle and Wil.

Wil (Austin Butler) and Amberle (Poppy Drayton) Faceoff With A Demon

Whoever he was trying to save, he found the magic within himself and was able to use the elfstones.

It was a powerful moment when Wil found that magic inside of him. That wasn’t enough for him to embrace his destiny, though.

It took getting the princess home and then almost walking away, before he embraced it and got everyone to believe in the princess.

I believe in Amberle and I love how tough she is, but her destiny may be doomed.

This week we met a new character, Bandon. Allanon couldn’t get a read on this new guy, so we have no idea if he’s friend or foe.

We do discover he is magical when he has an horrific vision of Amberle. Just because this has been foretold, doesn’t mean this is Amberle’s fate. I believe that between Amberle, Allanon and Wil, they can change their fate.

The Elfstones of ShannaraThese elves are very pampered. They don’t believe in the impending danger and they don’t believe in magic. It took the last son of Shannara to finally convince them. How can you not be persuaded by Austin Butler?

I go back and forth on whether I like Eretria. I like how tough she is, but I don’t like when she’s hurting Amberle or Wil.

She has a very complicated life that’s all about survival, though. Her father wouldn’t even lift a finger to help her, so we can’t blame her for being the way she is. I feel like Eretria has a lot of growth coming her way.

She’s all about survival for herself, but maybe, just maybe, she might learn to fight for other people’s survival, too.

Eretria may or may not help in the coming war, but we know that Amberle is going to play a huge part in it. She enters the Ellcrys tree to see if she’s worthy to carry the seed.

Amberle was a strong young woman from the moment the series started, but she just keeps growing and is given more and more challenges.

If she fails this test, she dies, but something tells me she will pull through it. It may not be with flying colors, but it will continue to grow her character.

Do you think Amberle will pass the test? Are you keeping up with all of the names? Let me know in the comments below?

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