I’ve been calling this new enemy ‘A’, but the show didn’t coin this villain as ‘A’ until now. We are truly back to where we started, but could this ‘A’ be even deadlier?

***** Spoilers Below *****

Caleb finally called this mystery person ‘A’ and I couldn’t be happier, even if Spencer wasn’t too thrilled. She said this person wasn’t ‘A’, but why not? After Mona was no longer ‘A’, we quickly called Charlotte ‘A’. So why not the same this time? Someone else has just stolen the game. Maybe calling this person ‘A’ makes it too real, like it’s really happening again.

CbYY2JyUkAAISptLast week it took the entire episode for Team Sparia to happen and this week we picked up right where we left off. Is it wrong that I’m happy that not all of Radley is gone? Everything always came back to Radley.

Charlotte did a lot of practice before she tortured the girls, but who is torturing them now? I want to say Sara, but we were already told that this mystery person is a guy. Sara’s room leads right to the secret parts of Radley. She must have something to do with this, right? She’s certainly creepy enough.

This ‘A’ is not playing games. He took Emily’s eggs and destroyed a lot of other eggs. This isn’t the worst thing any of the ‘A’s have done, but it is certainly one of the most heartless things.

We may still not know exactly what happened with Spencer and Toby, but we did get a glimpse of Hanna and Caleb’s relationship falling apart. Her job just tore them apart.

Now Hanna is engaged to Jordan and they don’t seem right for each other at all. I guess to be fair to him, he doesn’t really know what’s going on. Caleb always called Hanna out on it and knew something was going on. He also knew when ‘A’ was back. Jordan didn’t live through it, so we have to give him the benefit of the doubt. I still can’t help but think if he doesn’t get whats going on right now, he’s not really compatible with her.

Aria’s new boyfriend is making me feel really torn. Liam knows Aria very well. It didn’t take him long to know that Aria wrote the chapters and not Ezra. They are really cute together, but I just can’t give up on Aria and Ezra. As great as the Ezria moments are, I can’t help but think these two are just so far apart. Can I still hold out hope? As much as I like Ezra, Liam is really growing on me.

The liars may not trust Mona, but sometimes she’s really on their side. It was sweet to give Spencer the heads up about Mrs. Hastings’ illness leak. It’s just sad that Spence didn’t know about it. Mona, of course, did it in a very Mona way, but can we expect anything less? She can never just give them something, she makes them work for it.

I hope Mrs. Hastings will be okay. We already lost one of the parents. We can’t lose another one. I’m rooting for her to win, but her health is more important.

Are you Team Liam or Team Ezra? Have you been calling this new mystery person ‘A’ already? Let me know in the comments below.

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