Last week I was wondering where Barbara (Erin Richards) was. Well, this week, she is back and with a crazy vengeance. Barbara takes Jim (Ben McKenzie) on a wild and fun ride of terror and insanity. Also, Ed (Cory Michael Smith) goes on a journey of sorts and Bruce (David Mazouz) is given a terrible offer. Lots of good and bad happened and dare I say that I actually am loving Barbara now? Yup, this former Barbara Kean hater just said that.


Barbara is having dreams of marrying Jim, but in her insane Barbara-fashion, it becomes a nightmare. Luckily for her, Theo (James Frain) and Tabitha (Jessica Lucas) finally grant her the chance to “kill” Jim (and actually appear on an episode and do something!). Theo is still brooding over his master plan to kill Bruce and take over Gotham yadda-yadda.

coopersMeanwhile, Jim knows Theo is behind everything and tries to convince Captain Barnes (Michael Chiklis), who, of course, is an idiot and doesn’t believe him. To make a long story short, Barbara turns herself in to the GCPD, where Jim ends up kissing her? They both are trying to manipulate each other, but Barbara has something to show Jim. Lee (Morena Baccarin) is not happy through all of this, even calling Jim mentally sick! HA!

leejimThey take a trip to Barbara’s destination…only to be hit by a truck. Everyone survives and Barbara kidnaps Jim…and Lee! That girl gets kidnapped so many times! Barnes gets mad at Harvey (Donal Logue) for not listening to his orders and acts like a child. Luckily, Harvey is smart and discovers where Jim is being held. Barbara tortures and taunts Jim and Lee in a wedding dress in a church and it is glorious. I’m all about this Barbara. She tells Jim where the real mayor is before Jim obviously escapes. A chase ensues that ends with Barbara falling out of a church window to her… not yet death. Bushes saved her! Hooray!

theobruceSo, before we finish up this storyline, we have to talk about Bruce and Theo and their awful stupid plot. Basically, Theo tells Bruce he will tell him who killed his parents if he signs over his company to him. HOW DUMB! Theo is an idiot and if Bruce signs, he is an idiot! Why would he try and pull this? Luckily, Bruce refuses after a close call and Jim and cops bust in after saving the mayor to arrest and punch Theo. It felt great to see Theo’s smug face get punched. Theo throws the “proof” who Bruce’s parents murderer in the fire, which cause Bruce to lose it. Poor Bruce — but really? You actually trusted a man, without researching his family at all? A man who tried to blackmail you? Oy vey!

bruceyAnd in other more exciting, fun news, Ed goes to the woods to bury his ex-lover, Kristen Kringle. Complications keep arising, ie, a hunter and someone eats his sandwich. It’s hilarious and Ed is crazier than ever. He follows the trail to a creepy trailer. Who could’ve eaten the sandwich? Why it’s an even crazier, helpless Penguin (Robin Lord Taylor)! AMAZING! The pairing of these two should make for excellent, exciting television. Can’t wait for that next week.

Who else is sick of Theo? Who else is suddenly loving Barbara? And please tell me everyone else is excited to see what kind of trouble our future Riddler and Penguin will get into? What did you guys think? Let me know in the comments below!

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