After months of wondering what happened to Castle, the wait is finally over. In the season 6 finale, Castle (Nathan Fillion) was driving to his wedding when a black SUV starts seemingly trying to drive him off the road. Beckett then received a phone call about Castle, and rushed to the scene of Castle’s apparent accident. In a moving performance by Stana Katic, Beckett breaks down on the side of the road, looking at Castle’s car in flames. Beckett was in tears, I was in tears, weren’t we all in tears? The season ended without any clues as to what happened to Castle, but, as Nathan said at Comic-Con, the show is called Castle, so he’s probably fine!


The premiere begins with Beckett rushing down to the burning car. There isn’t much she can do, so shortly after, she breaks down and falls to her knees. Time slows and we see the car sprayed down with water and Beckett looks in the car, not finding a body. Castle is officially not burnt to a crisp! But where is he?

Ryan (Seamus Dever) finds a broken tail light on the side of the road and comes to the conclusion that Castle was run off the side of the road. They determine from drag marks that Castle was in the car, but then two people grabbed him and took him away. Beckett changes out of her wedding dress (still not over the wedding not happening, sighs) and comes back to the scene, telling Ryan and Esposito (Jon Huertas) that she needs to do something.

The FBI manages to remotely turn on Castle’s phone and the three detectives go track down and find the SUV that Castle was taken in. As they arrive, the SUV is being crushed and the junkyard attendant tries to flee, ending in a NFL worthy tackle by Beckett. Don’t mess with an angry Beckett, lesson learned!

Gates tells Beckett she is bringing in the FBI to help look for Castle. Beckett talks to Agent Connors about Castle’s disappearance, and begins to think there’s something more to this. Connors asks if anyone may have wanted revenge on Castle and Beckett, to which she says yes.

Ryan says that this may be mob related, because the junkyard attendant got a call from a mobster, Cardano, right before the vehicle was crushed. They call in the mobster who says he didn’t have anything to do with Castle’s death and that he and Castle are cool. He says a client called and wanted a vehicle to disappear. This client called and made a deal for the vehicle to be destroyed. He points them to a dumpster that is used for the drop sight for the money exchange. They see a video, which has Castle himself on camera dropping off the money.


Ryan tries comforting Beckett, but she isn’t having it. She goes to talk to Castle’s family and ask them if he was under any pressure of having any misgivings about the wedding (NO! Caskett for life). Martha (Susan Sullivan) tells Beckett that he couldn’t wait to be married to her. Agent Connors now believes that Castle wasn’t kidnapped and tells Beckett that Castle withdrew a large amount before he was kidnapped and it was the same money Cardano turned over. Beckett says it’s not possible, the money was for their honeymoon, and isn’t convinced. Beckett says she will find Castle with or without the FBI. Two months have passed and there’s still no news as to Castle’s whereabouts, but Beckett seems to be doing anything and everything to find him.

Thirty minutes into the premiere and we have our first glimpse of Castle! The Coast Guard finds him in a small boat adrift in the Atlantic Ocean. Beckett rushes to the hospital and sees Castle lying in a hospital bed, says she’s fine and never thought she’d see him again. Castle doesn’t wake up when Beckett, Alexis (Molly Quinn), and Martha arrive at his bedside. The doctor tells them he’s still recovering and hasn’t regained consciousness.

They find the place that Castle had been staying, a tent in the middle of nowhere. They meet a man who says he’s Henry Jenkins and was a witness to Castle camping out, etc. Castle wakes up and Beckett goes to talk him. Castle tries to make light of the situation and say that kisses will speed recovery, and mentions the kink in their wedding plans. Beckett isn’t happy and asks if it’s a joke and asks what happened that day. Castle only remembers the crash and waking up in the hospital, he doesn’t remember anything that happened in between. Beckett tells him he’s been gone for two months and Castle looks pretty shocked. Beckett asks the doctor what could be going on and the doctor says she’s not sure and he could be faking it.

Castle asks Beckett to take him to the place they found the tent to see if it will jog his memory. They get to the location and Castle says he hasn’t been there and all the evidence must have been planted. Beckett is having serious doubts at this point (trouble in paradise) and tells Castle there was a witness. They go to talk to Henry Jenkins only to find out that the other man was not actually who he said he was. Castle says this is all a set up.

This seems to put Beckett at ease a little and restore her faith in Castle for the moment. They go home and Castle, Beckett, Martha and Alexis all share a glass of champagne and toast to Castle coming home. Castle and Beckett share a moment in their bedroom where Castle asks her how she held on to hope and apologizes for everything he put her through. They say they can’t pick up right where they left off, but they’ll find their way home.

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