Bones returned on Sept. 25 for its 10th season. The stressful season nine finale ended with a cliffhanger of Booth (David Boreanaz) being arrested, after having killed three FBI agents in an intense shootout that led to Booth being stabbed and rushed to the hospital. Before even being released from the hospital, he was placed in handcuffs and assigned guards. Brennan (Emily Deschanel) is visibly upset and screaming Booth’s name, and is then taken in for questioning regarding the entire situation.


The episode begins showing Booth in prison getting into a fight with another prisoner before a guard breaks it up, saying to Booth, “you’re not a cop in here.” Booth gets a call from Brennan, who tells him that she made a video of Christine for him and they miss him. Brennan tells him she’s working on getting him out. Cut to the next scene where Booth is fighting with a number of prisoners. Prison life doesn’t look too glamorous for Booth.

The Jeffersonian crew is looking at the decomposed body of a man named Cooper, someone who may be at the root of Foster’s conspiracy and on Foster’s chip. Brennan says the FBI has no idea what they are investigating and Booth would like to keep it that way. Brennan visits Booth at the prison and is upset when she finds out that Booth has been fighting and injured, remarking that the FBI is counting on Booth getting killed in prison. That way they can keep their hands clean.

Brady, the prosecutor that put Booth in prison, is on Foster’s chip and Brennan thinks that they may be able to use this to help Booth. Booth tells her to leave it alone, but Brennan being Brennan, visits Brady at his office and tells him she’s blackmailing him and wants Booth released. He asks her if she knows the kind of trouble she can get in for blackmailing him, and she proceeds to list all the nerdy details. Before leaving the office, she says: “I’m new to blackmailing, but I think I’ve covered it all.” Gotta love her! Apparently her blackmailing is successful because in the next scene Brennan goes to pick Booth up from prison. When he finds out she went through with the blackmail, they start to have a bit of a lover’s spat. But when Brennan reasons that he would have done the same for her, he calms down and accepts it.

Back at the lab there seems to be a problem with the body being examined, due to whoever buried it covering the body with urine, making it harder to examine the body (gross). They do figure out that the ME’s report on Cooper’s death was wrong, because he did not in fact die of cancer, so he was murdered. Brennan leaves to go back to the lab and Booth and Sweets are reunited. Booth thanks Sweets for helping Brennan and Christine while he was in prison, and they end up in a deep discussion of Booth seemingly wanting vengeance, where the old Booth focused on justice.

Booth goes to talk to Sanderson about his relationship with Cooper; Cooper died and two weeks later Sanderson got an EPA permit to build a plant. Sanderson tells Booth that his boss is a very good friend and Booth is intimidating the wrong man. Then a creepy guy starts following Booth as he walks into the building. Booth catches him and it turns out creepy guy is FBI agent Aubrey, sent by Stark to keep Booth out of trouble. Booth gets his gun and badge back, with Sweets keeping a close eye. They head back to Sweets’ place and while there Daisy, Sweets’ on and off again girlfriend, shows up pregnant and looking ready to pop! While Booth was in prison, they bumped into each other (in more than one way) and it ended up in a pregnancy. They tell Booth it’s a boy and he is going to be the godfather.

Back at the lab they’ve figured out that Cooper was probably involved in a car accident. He apparently lied and said he had fallen down the stairs when it happened. Brennan and Booth go speak to Durant, the doctor who Cooper originally spoke with at the ER and think he may be hiding something. Brennan and Sweets meet and discuss how Booth is different now. Sweets says in a sense Booth has died, because he doesn’t know where he fits anymore. They decide they need to show Booth he can trust again.

When new evidence comes to light that proves Durant was lying, Booth goes to confront him and he tells Booth he was blackmailed. The people who called Durant wanted to pin the hit and run on Cooper and make him do their bidding. They get a new lead when Brennan figures out that Cooper was injected with a toxin. Aubrey finds a connection between Sanderson and Cooper with a man named Norsky who is now in a nursing home. Booth and Brennan go to speak to Norsky and get cut off by a call.

Dun dun dun. Next scene is Brennan and Booth showing up at a parking garage where Aubrey is standing next to Sweets who has been shot. He has to be ok though, right?? Brennan says there is massive internal trauma and he is bleeding out. Sweets is lying there and tells Booth he fought back and Booth would be proud. Cue the waterworks. Sweets tells Booth the world is a lot better than he thinks it is and then dies. Brennan tells Booth he’s gone and everyone (including the audience) starts crying. Sweets’ body is brought to the Jeffersonian, where the crew gathers around his body.

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