Juliette is getting help from a special Wesen therapist recommended to her by Sean; it’s unclear yet whether this is going to be a permanent thing for her or if she is going to be able to get rid of her Hexenbiest problem. Nick gets a bounty put on his head by the Wesen Counsel, and Adalind is back in Portland. Things are heating up on Grimm!

***** SPOILERS BELOW *****

Juliette picks up with her new therapist, whoGrimm gets Juliette to woge and tells her that she needs to relax to control the woging. The therapist then proceeds to take a sample of Juliette’s blood, that she says is necessary to help get her to her true self and rid of the Hexenbiest. Meanwhile, Nick is dealing with his newest Wesen related murder case. It seems like Wu is now the Wesen expert, giving Nick and Hank suggestions of what type of Wesen they may be dealing with before they even get a chance to look at the bodies.

Adalind seems to be finally coming back into the picture and Sean gets an email with photos of her and another man getting on a plane to come back to Portland. Monroe and Rosalee are back from their honeymoon and are ready to check on Nick and see what they’ve missed while away. Sean shows up where Adalind and Viktor are staying, where he is met with Adalind’s anger over helping Nick’s mother take their baby.

GrimmJuliette is learning about more abilities that have come with being a Hexenbiest, and it seems like it’s getting harder for her to hide things from Nick. However, she told her therapist she’s nervous to tell Nick because she doesn’t know how he’ll react. Nick emails his mom to warn her and she responds with a cute picture of a happy, baby Diana. Rosalee called the Wesen counsel to ask them if the Wesen deaths in Portland were counsel related. They call her back and tell her they know she has a relationship with the Grimm and that she needs to stay out of it or suffer the consequences. It looks like the deaths are being performed by a Wesen bounty hunter.

The Wesen counsel has determined that Nick has entered in their business one too many times, and sanctions their bounty hunter to kill him. Sean sends one of his men to find Kelly (Nick’s mom), instructing him just to let him know where she is but not to do anything when he finds them. The potion the therapist made with Juliette’s blood is ready and the therapist looks confused/alarmed at whatever the result means.

GrimmNick finds the bounty hunter and arrests him; he tries to get the man to woge but he’s too smart to do so. Wu cracks the his iPad and confirms that he is the bounty hunter, and also finds that there is a bounty out on Nick. The bounty hunter manages to escape his cell, which should come as no surprise. Juliette is working on controlling her woging and the therapist tells her the potion didn’t sync correctly. The therapist says there’s nothing she can do to change back and she needs to learn to control herself. Juliette is obviously extremely upset by this, and storms out.

GrimmThe bounty hunter shows up at Nick’s house and is getting ready to kill Juliette, when she uses some of her awesome, new Hexenbiest powers on him. She ends up killing him, and I wonder how she’s going to explain this one to Nick! Juliette just says “He missed,” which makes absolutely no sense and I’m amazed that Nick is not more suspicious.

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