The Cold War, the Pentagon, the former Soviet Union; DC’s Legends of Tomorrow enters the 80’s.  The last two episodes first split the team into various units, then forced some unique team ups. Most importantly is the lead into this coming week’s episode.

**** Spoilers Follow****

Legends-of-Tomorrow-1.04-300x300We all know that this season our team will be jumping through the timeline to find Vandal Savage and apparently every jump will have its own set of complications.  This week Kendra begins to lose control of her hawk persona, Jax and Stein are back “off” again with their “on again/off again” partnership while Snart and Palmer team up in Russia to gather information on Valentina Vostok and her connection to Savage.  Unfortunately, most of the first episode set up for the second episode pay off.  To be honest, this isn’t my favorite way for Legends of Tomorrow to bring about better dynamics within the team.  Clearly Sara and Snart are the best field leaders, with Rip calling shots from the ship.

These last weeks though, even Sara was at a loss about what to do with Kendra who seemed to lose herself into a crazed “Hawk” persona, Legends-of-Tomorrow-104-9lashing out recklessly, much like Kira’s kitsune on MTV’s Teen Wolf.  Here though, the current suggestion is Kendra becoming one with her inner warrior while allowing Sara to better tap into her own humanity as Kendra’s mentor.

As mentioned earlier, Stein, Rory and Palmer were captured by Vostok to force Stein into helping her create a stable Firestorm matrix.  Vandal Savage remembered Firestorm from the 70’s and charged a team to create his own army; thereby it would change the future.  Something this show does well is seeing how current scenarios could have dire ramifications in the near and distant future.  Something I am waiting for is for the Time Masters to create a temporal anomaly while trying to bring in Rip and his team.  During “White Knights” he was approached by an old mentor who tried to trick him into giving himself up.

DC's Legends of Tomorrow -- "White Knights" -- Image LGN104A_0030b.jpg -- Pictured: Franz Drameh as Jefferson "Jax" Jackson -- Photo: Diyah Pera/The CW -- © 2016 The CW Network, LLC. All Rights Reserved.Another ramification already being questioned is how much are the Legends inspiring Savage to become more powerful ultimately becoming powerful enough to kill both “the Man of Steel and Dark Knight?”  Savage now knows about Firestorm and the ATOM suit, two unique factors to Rip’s team, while at the same time neither are the leaders.  That would be left to an assassin and a criminal, who teamed up in “Fail Safe” to extract their team, or if not possible Rip ordered Sara to kill Stein.  I am hoping there continues to be pressure put on Rip from Snart.  He was already furious that completing the mission was put over keeping Heatwave from being captured in “White Knights.” Then in “Fail Safe” it appears that Stein himself became expendable.  There could be much debate about what is best for the timeline, but for me… Cold was correct.  Never leave a membhqdefaulter of your crew. It’s not an option.

It was good to see that Jax, and even Kendra, was stepping up more in “Fail Safe;” demanding to be part of the extraction team.  Jax continues to be the loose cannon, some weeks I so want to like him and other weeks he acts like a punk kid, actually the same for Stein.  Sometimes he appears to be all brain while others, like this week, his humanity shows decisively, I hope the writers nail down the personalities.  So far, to date, Vandal Savage continues to stay at least one step ahead of our Legends, we will see what happens this week as we travel out of the 80’s and into a Star City in 2042 that looks destroyed, including a badly damaged Smoak Tower, at the same time a protector appears that calls himself Green Arrow.

Oliver-Queen-Stephen-AmellJoin us as multiple Green Arrows guest star on DC’s Legends of Tomorrow this Thursday night at 8 pm/ 7 central.  Also don’t forget that Vixen will be making her first live action appearance on Arrow this coming Wednesday, as well.


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