The Dome is contracting and the residents of Chester’s Mill need to figure out how to stop it, before they are crushed to death and also because there is only one more episode left of the season! Let’s see if they make any progress tonight.

jr and melScience teacher Rebecca starts to science it up, postulating things that I just choose to ignore. Crazy Lyle reads scripture, I think? Big Jim and Pauline argue (what’s new?). They all hear something in the distance. Lyle thinks they are all going to “rest” soon. He recounts his vision of apocalypse/hell and Pauline just tries to comfort him, causing Big Jim to have rage face.

Meanwhile, Melanie awakens to find Junior watching over her. He has a creepy thing for watching sleeping women. She thinks she is feeling better. Junior kisses her forehead and tells her he is going to find out the answers. He forgot about Angie very quickly, but I haven’t! It was less than 2 weeks ago since he held her captive, she died, and he went on drinking binge. But alas, it’s Under the Dome.

Barbie helps people leave their homes as the Dome contracts and destroys things. Julia looks at a photo of her deceased husband (she, too, forgot about him quickly!). The Dome contracts in and they race out of there, making sure to bring Pauline’s journal. Julia is awfully springy for a gal who just almost died of hypothermia and a leg injury.

barbsBack at the school, Rebecca talks more science (what else does she do) and says they are all going to die (again!). Julia doesn’t believe the Dome would kill them. She thinks it is trying to protect them. Rebecca argues against her. Barbie stops them from fighting. Norrie and Joe arrive with Hunter. They make him confess his treasonous ways. Barbie throws Hunter to the ground in anger. Hunter explains he is on their side now and Norrie backs him up. Barbie is still pissed and leads Hunter somewhere with his gun.

Skater dude Ben (John Elvis) where have you been? Well, he’s here in the school now and thinks it is all over. Norrie, of all people, tries to reassure him, but he is unconvinced. Joe and Norrie decide to follow Barbie and Hunter.

Big Jim wants to bring Pauline back home to try and inspire her to paint or see a vision. He doesn’t want her around Lyle. Big Jim, the jealous type? Who knew. Meanwhile, Barbie has led Hunter to the Dome edge and demands that his father, Don, comes. He holds a gun to Hunter’s head to prove his point.

renniesBig Jim and Pauline run into Junior and it appears Big Jim learns for the first time all of the truths about Melanie. I thought he knew, but guess he was too self-involved to know. Junior just wants Pauline to help and fix Melanie. Junior is grade-A insane. The way he whines and shouts things. Grade-A Insane! Pauline says her visions are gone since the egg is gone and Junior blames his father.

Julia and Rebecca watch over Melanie aka Julia and Rebecca debate about the Dome. Luckily, Melanie wakes up, coughing up blood and her hair is falling out, so that stops them from arguing momentarily. Sam comes in to look over Melanie. Rebecca discovers that Melanie’s red blood cells are disintegrated and they need to do a blood transfusion to help, but first they have to determine blood type, so she and Sam run off to get lima beans? In the chaos, Junior walks in and grabs his mother’s notebook and leaves.

rebecca melAs Sam and Rebecca get lima beans, he tells her the truth about Melanie as well. She has a hard time accepting it. Junior looks through his mother’s notebook and Lyle approaches with a creepy grin. He wants to help as penance and says his mother trusted him, so Junior agrees. Junior once again whinily demands for things that no one has control over. Ugh.

Rebecca discovers she matches Melanie’s blood type, so she starts the transfusion. It seems to work and Melanie feels better. Rebecca talks about her mother dying young, and wanting answers. Melanie says some questions have no answer and then talks about how she is glad this time she has people around her, because last time she died she was alone. Aww, poor baby girl Melanie.

Back at the Dome edge, Barbie’s father finally shows up. Barbie demands that he bring back the egg, but Don is reluctant and says he can’t. Barbie then reveals that Melanie is alive and in the Dome. Apparently Don thought she was dead. Joe and Norrie, who were hiding in the bushes, come out and Joe proves to Don that Melanie is alive, thanks to his stupid vlog. The reveal of Melanie seems to convince Don and he says he’ll do it! Barbie tells him how to get into the Dome, through the Red Door. This could be bad….

sam doctorsMelanie seems way better. Is it because of the transfusion or because of the new hope for the egg? Rebecca, the doubter, is unconvinced still. Norrie and Joe get walkie-talkies to go stake out the lake for Barbie’s father. Joe attempts to bring a gun but Norrie luckily talks him out of that idiotic idea. I don’t know who is more annoying to me, Joe or Junior? Probably Junior.

Pauline and Jim continue to argue. She feels super ashamed about everything: him, Melanie, leaving. Big Jim apologizes as well, saying he understands now. He says he was chosen to lead Chester’s Mill and she was chosen to show him how. He gives her a blank canvas to paint, and paint she does…

Lyle and Junior keep going through Pauline’s notebook. One image, a boy and a girl holding hands going into light, sparks Junior’s interest, but Lyle says it is him and Pauline entering heaven.

Outside the Dome, Don arrives at the playground and goes to get the egg. His number one security officer, Malick (Mike Whaley), warns him not to. Don grabs the egg and it turns black, then, suddenly, Malick and all the other officers pull their guns on Don. Back in the Dome, Melanie asks Barbie if Don remembers her and Barbie tells her he does. Suddenly she starts convulsing and then passes out. Sam runs in to help.

juliaJulia takes a visit to the Dome’s edge and starts talking to the wall like a crazy person. She pleads the Dome to save Melanie and the Dome responds by continuing to contract inward. Great job, Jules!

Pauline continues to paint, almost done. She notices red paint…or is that blood, dropping onto the ground? That can’t be good. The completed painting looks like Melanie standing on top of a small black Dome covered in hands. She explains to Big Jim that this might help Melanie live.

In the school, Rebecca seems oddly defeated and weird. She doesn’t understand how Melanie got better and then sick. Sam tells her to let it go and be okay with things you don’t know. She really does need to let it go. Everyone converges at the school to follow through on Pauline’s plan. Pauline apologizes again to Junior and tells him she loves him.

Everyone goes outside to the place where they first found the egg. They gather around, placing Melanie in the center. All of the hands old (Sam, Lyle, Pauline) and new (Junior, Joe, Norrie) gather around Melanie and hold hands on her. She starts seizing up. They think it is because they are missing a hand (Angie). But with unlikely help from Rebecca, they figure out Melanie can be both hands. They grab her hands and she suddenly awakens and rises. She tells Pauline it is so beautiful before a swirling of dust surrounds her and she sinks into a dark hole in the ground. What the heck!?

big jim paulinePauline runs off in a state of fury. Big Jim follows her. Pauline blames herself but Big Jim says its not her fault and he loves her. They kiss and when he pulls away, his mouth is bloody. Pauline was stabbed… by Lyle! She says the Dome wanted her sacrifice.

Big Jim starts beating up Lyle and then stabs Lyle with his own knife, like Lyle wanted. Lyle thanks him and dies. Big Jim holds Pauline and for the first time ever on this show, I do feel bad for Big Jim.

junior crazedSad music plays as they all stand around and stare at the black hole where Melanie just disappeared. What is happening!??!

The season finale is next week and I can legitimately say I have no clue what is going to happen or if we will get any answers at all. Let’s hope so, because we don’t know if another season will be made. Let me know in the comments if you have any theories or concerns.

Under the Dome airs Mondays @ 10/9c on CBS. Watch full episodes online, Hulu and Amazon Instant Video.

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