Greetings, Scoobies! Out of the shadows the Comic Book Slayer steps once more to bring you an advance review of the latest issue of Angel & Faith. Regular artist Rebekah  Isaacs only provides the alternate cover, sitting this issue out and allowing artist Chris Samnee to step in and take a swing. After wrapping up a heavy arc in the last issue, writer Christos Gage gives us a lighter tale this time that still pushes the story forward and introduces several new elements. SPOILERSThe Good:

A spoon full of humor helps the brooding gloom go down.As much as I am a fan of the brooding with extra darkness, it is nice to take a break from the drama and have a lighter issue. Gage handles the humor well, never relying on tired jokes and never straying too far into farce. Samnee’s art really helps with this effect by easily alternating between epic and cartoonish from panel to panel.

Living beyond your means – Buffy-style.
This issue introduces us to Lavinia and Sophronia, Gile’s shallow and magic-obsessed great aunts. Both Lavinia and Sophronia have been living the high life by staying young and beautiful with magic that they acquire through rigged deals that they never expect to pay. They’re playing the system, and they have to pay the piper now that the Seed has been shattered and magic has left this plane. It’s an interesting metaphor for those who have lived beyond their means and now find themselves scrambling to avoid the consequences of their debt. I’ll expand further on this idea in my full review that will be posted on Thursday on

The arrival of an old friend.
There’s big ending here. Most of you probably already know what’s coming, but for the spoiler-free, big things are coming and they start on the last page of Angel & Faith #10.

The Bad:

Chris Samnee has big shoes to fill.While I personally really love Chris Samnee’s art and love when they have an opportunity for a guest artist, I feel like Rebekah Isaacs work has been so on par lately that many will notice the absence and will be eager for the return. Hopefully, Samnee won’t get trapped in her shadow, but, on the positive side, it is good news for Isaacs.

That’s all for now, Scoobies! If you want to read my full, spoilerific review, it will be posted on Thursday over at!

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