We caught up with the cast and producers from the apocalyptic hit series on The CW, The 100, while at San Diego Comic Con.  On hand were cast members Eliza Taylor (Clarke), Isaiah Washington (Chancellor Jaha), Lindsey Morgan (Raven), and Marie Avgeropoulos & Ricky Whittle, who play the “against-all-odds” lovers, Lincoln and Octavia (Linctavia?).


First up, we talked to Eliza Taylor about what is in store for Clarke in the popular series sophomore season.


Lindsey Morgan talks about her character, Raven’s, everchanging fate, the new trends in women’s roles on TV, and what she would like to see Raven explore in the new season.


Lindsey Morgan also shares her most challenging scene to shoot during her first season on The 100 while hinting that there is another challenging scene coming up in the second season — fans will have to be on the look out for that one.


Next, the lovely Marie Avgeropoulos, discusses the Romeo and Juliet love story between Octavia and Lincoln, how she (Marie) would fare in a real live apocalypse and she shares some thoughts on her favorite superhero.


Ricky Whittle talked to us about preparing for his role, Lincoln’s romance with Octavia (Linctavia) and hints at something dark in their future.


Isaiah Washington talks about his character’s chances for survival in the upcoming season of The 100, the story arc over the first season for his character, Chancellor Jaha, and his most difficult scene to shoot on the show thus far.


A little “who are you wearing” moment with Eliza Taylor.


And finally, a few photos from the day.


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