Magic Breaks by Ilona Andrews is the seventh book in the Kate Daniels series. Even before this book begins, the authors (Ilona and Gordan made up their writing pseudonym) tell us that it will look like the end of the series, it’s not. That’s not ominous or anything. For those of you familiar with the Kate Daniels series, you will expect action from beginning to end, and this book does not disappoint. Starting with Kate rescuing a kitten from a tree- well a weirdly deformed one- up until the power packed conclusion, the ride is non-stop. As soon as it was finished, I immediately wanted the next one.



Kate Daniels is the kind of urban, magic using heroine that kicks butt and doesn’t really bother taking any names. She has grown over the course of the series from a killer who drifts toward helping people to being a full-blown protector who will kill when necessary. The difference is subtle, but is major character development for Kate. Her biggest fear throughout the series has always been discovery by her all-powerful immortal father, Roland. In the last couple of books of the series, Kate has gone head to head with his right hand, Hugh, while trying to avoid detection. Magic Breaks opens with Kate and Curran (her were-lion fiancé) resolved to Hugh reporting her presence to Roland and the all-out war that will follow. Kate has always had to balance the safety of the Atlanta Pack (made up of were-everythings), politics with the People (vampire navigators), witch covens and hiding in plain sight. Very quickly the hiding part seemed to be coming to an end and Kate has to try to prevent all out war between the Pack and the People.

Given that this is the seventh book in the series, some summation of the prior stories is expected and maybe even needed. However, the prologue with Barnabas giving his account of events was a bit annoying if you know the story. Already read books one through six? Skip it.

There will be some spoilers in this review, but I will try to keep them to a minimum.


Once the book gets to Kate and her new adventures, the first couple of chapters do a good job reminding you of previous events. The writers do a great job keeping Kate a fresh and interesting character. She is getting more and more powerful with each book, but the villains are getting scarier as well. Responsibilities of running the Pack are being divided somewhat equally between Curran and Kate which leads them to split up and handle different crises. Kate gets the big diplomatic Conclave, and Curran tries to form an alliance elsewhere. I started to really miss Curran’s calming presence, but Kate was channeling her inner Curran when her temper threatened to flair. I can’t decide if Curran being absent for a portion of the book was good or bad. I definitely missed his character, however Kate hasn’t really had to deal with a huge mess on her own in awhile. That was refreshing for the character. But then I missed Curran — did I mention that already? Maybe the authors can write a little novella about his side trip.

If you like urban-paranormal adventures, kick-ass women with swords, and seemingly unstoppable bad guys, this is the book for you. Well, this is the seventh book for you. Don’t be lazy and go back to book one if you haven’t read the series. It’s completely worth it.

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