This killer is not playing and things are getting very, very bad right before the season finale.

***** Spoilers Below *****

This killer has proved he/she loves their games but this week was the deadliest of them all.

Killer Episode 211The killer murdered the mayor, which I wasn’t actually too upset about. I felt for Brooke, but with all the enemies the mayor has acquired, he had it coming. The mayor was just foreplay, the true game was framing Audrey and Emma for the murder, and for all the other murders.

It’s been a long time since a movie or show has truly scared me and last week with Noah, I was truly scared. This week, I’m totally freaking out. How do Audrey and Emma get out of this? I mean, they were literally caught red-handed. The mayor’s blood all over their hands and the weapon in hand. That almost seems like a shut and closed cased. We all know it goes much deeper than that, though.

There were so many twists and turns in this episode. First with the killer sneaking into Emma’s room and stealing her dream journal, which doesn’t look good for her case. (Killing people in her dreams).

Emma and Audrey Episode 211Then Eli was found in a picture at Will’s funeral and he had Audrey’s letters to Piper. That was all pretty calm compared to someone remote hacking Noah’s computer and uploading a video of all of them. This video also doesn’t paint Audrey or Emma in a good light for their lawyers to defend them. The killer really planned this out well.

I’m sure Brooke will be feeling torn with Audrey being found with the weapon and her dad’s blood on her hands after seeing Audrey with Jake’s body. That really does not look good for Audrey.

The teacher’s analysis of Emma doesn’t help her defense either. Psholgoicaly wise, it makes sense that she could snap after everything that has happened to her, and now she’s found over a dead body.

We did get a better understanding of Stavo, which none of us seemed to think about. We just all thought he was a creep. While understanding the reasoning behind his creepy drawings and comics makes sense, I can’t help but think he just sent Noah an email and then Noah’s computer got hacked. We have to ask the question: Did he have anything to do with the hack?

After all of this, is Brandon James still alive? We may or may not have confirmation. Maggie left a message and then there’s a wooden carving with Emma’s name on it. That seems like a message. Even if that isn’t actually Brandon James, it was still a message because of Maggie’s message.

I’m just a little, okay maybe a lot freaked out by this episode. I’m even more freaked out that I didn’t even realize that next week is the last episode of season two. Is it really over already? These episodes went by really, really fast.

Will we get to know who the killer is next week, or killers? There’s got to be more than one. There’s so much to think about after this episode.

How do you think Audrey and Emma will clear their names? Who do you think is the killer or killers? Let me know in the comments below.

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