We are on episode ten of the first season of “Gotham” and already so much has happened! They are really doing a great job of keeping the story moving at a fast pace, with new developments furthering the story each week.

This week, the repercussions of Harvey Dent’s (Nicholas D’Agosto) threats to Lovecraft (Al Sapienza) result in a killer team of assassins, led by a leggy, vicious woman (Lesley-Anne Brandt), to find the key witness to the Waynes murders. And that witness happens to be our beloved Selina Kyle!

They track her down to Wayne Manor, killing the innocent gardener in the process. The vicious woman wipes his blood on her head. Whatever floats your boat, lady. Meanwhile, inside, Cat is training Bruce on his core-exercises as they balance on a stair railing. She is still really pushing for a kiss, but he ends up pissing her off by telling her she “isn’t a nice” person. He is certainly an overthinker, not much of a feeler. Well, they are all interrupted when the assassin lady shows up, pretending to be injured in a car accident (thus the blood), but she quickly drops the act when she sees Cat. A fight/chase ensues (as it always does on this show). Bruce and Cat sneak out a service exit, but Bruce wants to go back for Alfred. Alfred is holding his own, fighting, getting shot, shooting others and being, in general, a total bad ass.

ontheCaseWho should be on the case? Jim and Harvey Bullock, of course. Somehow Lovecraft found out Jim was hiding Cat at Wayne Manor. Bullock is pissed that Jim and Harvey Dent’s ploy and he SHOUTS about it, because that’s really all he can do now. Jim is gonna talk to Dent, while Bullock is going to try and find the kids. Alfred is coming with Bullock becuase he is a butler and he kicks ass. Meanwhile, Bruce and Cat trek towards the city, endless possibilities.

Jim confronts Dent about the assassins and is peeved to find out that he leaked his name to some sources, which led to the assassination attempt. Dent thinks it is a win because it shows they are scared. Meanwhile, Bullock and Alfred interview the brother from “That’s So Raven” aka Cat’s street urchin friend (Kyle Massey). He tells them to ask Fish Mooney.

Gotham kidsBlueBack on the streets, Bruce is about to call Alfred and get a ride home. Cat peaces out, telling him the assassins are after her and she just wanted to play with him. She’s not nice, she says. But he urges her to stay, needing her to testify in the eventual trial for his parents. She rebuffs him and runs up a fire escape and jumps across a ludicrous gap over two buildings. Bruce, determined and stubborn, follows her and attempts the jump, too. He barely makes it and she pulls him up. FOR THE RECORD: this jump was far too long and there is no way either of these kids would make it, but I am going to suspend my disbelief. After all, they are the future Catwoman and Batman.

ivyCat takes Bruce down to the “Flea,” which is like a homeless hangout for lost, orphan kids. Hey, look, it’s Ivy Pepper (Clare Foley)! After Cat dresses Bruce in some “hip” clothes, Ivy reveals herself to be crazy, unhinged, and nutty. She and Cat are “friends,” but Cat is scared of her. Freeeaky.

Meanwhile, Jim arrives at one of Lovecraft’s mistresses’ apartment and easily finds a scared Lovecraft, who says he isn’t behind any of it and is being hunted too. Sure enough, assassin lady shows up, and a fight ensues. She ends up knocking out Jim, but doesn’t kill him because he isn’t on the contract. (Was that gardener on the contract? Cause you killed him!). When Jim wakes up, Lovecraft is dead with a bullet to the head and Jim’s own gun is missing. Womp, womp.

In a completely different storyline, Falcone is trying to figure out who his mole is. He asks Penguin first, who doesn’t say it’s Liza, but implies Fish is behind it. Falcone needs more proof because he knows Penguin hates Fish. Later, Penguin’s lackey asks why he didn’t give up Liza and Penguin says it is better to wait and see.

Falcone then brings his “family” together for dinner, killing the man responsible for guarding the armory at the table. He tells them all to trust each other and find the mole, singling out Fish to agree. She looks like a red peacock is all I can think. They play their little game though, neither revealing their true cards.

Gotham reunionBullock and Alfred make their way to Fish’s bar, where Alfred once again proves he is an unhinged butler, by pushing Butch to the floor, demanding to see Fish. They want her help, but why would she help them? She eventually gives in, revealing she knows Cat and a place where she possibly could be.

Cat leads Bruce to a pawn-shop sort of guy, trying to sell some things, most of them belonging to Bruce. Instead of buying it, the over-the-top man decides to capture Cat and Bruce and sell them to the assassins, who have just arrived. They lock them up in a room, but Cat and Bruce work together to escape, using boxes and such in the factory. Luckily for them, Alfred and Harvey arrive just in time and a shootout/fighting ensues. This show loves their shootouts/fights. Eventually, Bruce and the lady assassin find themselves together. Lady assassin doesn’t kill him, but demands to know where Cat is (right behind you, lady!). He lies for Cat while she escapes and Bruce lives! That was easy. Alfred and Bruce are reunited. Butler and son! Aw.

The Mayor is maaaad! He can’t believe what Jim and Dent did and blames them for Lovecraft’s death. He says he is going to tell the public it was suicide, though Jim doesn’t agree. The Mayor warns Jim to watch himself. While Dent apologizes to the Mayor, Jim tells him to “kiss my ass!” I’m sorry, but that made me laugh. Jim is acting ridiculous! The Mayor promises to take him down.

Gotham partnersThe Mayor then makes a speech to the public, saying Lovecraft killed himself because of a overzealous police officer and he reassigns Jim to work at Arkham Asylum. Harvey is all sad or something, I guess, as Jim packs up his desk. It’s funny that this is what gets Jim “moved” to a different department and not all the over ridiculous things that had happened. Edward Ngyma shows up and hugs Jim goodbye. What a nice guy!

Later, Bruce stares at his wall of crazy murder investigation, when Cat sneaks back in. She brings back the stuff she stole and gives him a kiss. She is so forceful, but hey, she finally got hers. Alfred breaks it up and admits that he misses Cat. He’s a ruthless ass-kicking butler with a soft spot for kids. Aw.

The episode ends with Jim arriving at Arkham Asylum! He is going to have so much fun there, right?

I enjoyed this episode. It moved quickly and advanced many plot points, plus we got to see Bruce in “street” clothes, Alfred kicking major ass, and the beginnings of a romance (though Camren Bicondova’s acting skills need a little work). The major win for the episode was no Barbara, Renee, or Allen, and not even a mention of them! Please, more of that! I approve! My one concern is that Jim is beoming a little too hardened and a little too grizzled. It’s almost unrelatable. Let’s hope Arkham loosens him up!

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