It’s episode four and secrets are revealed! Big Jim and Rebecca Pine are still gung-ho about their census, who should live, who should die mumbo-jumbo? Do they not realize how crazy they sound? Rebecca even goes as far as mentioning if Harriet, the woman who gave birth last season, could pull her weight. What a bitch! Rebecca also steals Big Jim’s keys. What is she up to?

On the opposite side of the metaphorical fence, Julia comes to Sam for help on opposing Big Jim and Rebecca. Sam asks about Angie’s killer, but Julia has no answer to that. All she can focus on is that Barbie took Big Jim’s side. Speaking of Barbie, he is currently questioning Big Jim about his “extermination plan.” Big Jim calls it a “reduction option.” As they discuss, Harriet comes by with her baby and talks about how she is happy. Little does she know she is secretly guilt tripping Big Jim.

Joe, Norrie, and the newly named Melanie Cross talk about the most recent revelation about her identity. They still have no idea what is going on. Barbie shows up and Melanie wants to tell him about what they discovered, but the other two don’t. Joe just ends up telling Barbie about the internet signal incident.

Over in the local jail, crazy Lyle gets a visit from crazy Junior. Junior wants answers and Lyle says he can show him, but first, Junior wants to handcuff Lyle. Meanwhile, Rebecca visits a pig farm. The farmer, Tom, is worried as one of his pig is sick. When he isn’t looking, Rebecca secretly extracts blood from the sick pig. She loudly announces to no one, “Everything happens for a reason.”

Barbie, Joe, Norrie, and Melanie arrive at the school. They take him to the locker, where Melanie reveals this was her locker in 1988. Barbie is like, “Come again!?” They show him the yearbook photo and he is having a hard time believing it. Joe really wants to find the truth!


Julia and Sam, on their own little mission, break into Rebecca’s house and find a bunch of science experiments, eggs, vet books on pigs, blood work, and prayer fliers. Boy, Rebecca just leaves her house riddled with clues. Next on their mission: a pig farm.

Barbie and the kids head to Julia’s office to search through Chester Mill’s newspaper records. They come across an article on a missing girl: Melanie Cross! They discover that she is from the town of Zenith (where Barbie is from) and they also find the address of the house she lived at. Onwards!

Junior brings Lyle to his barber shop and demands answers! Lyle tells Junior about his mother’s fake suicide, about how she knew the Dome was coming, and about how she couldn’t trust Junior’s father. She only trusted Lyle to help her escape. Junior whines about his abandonment issues, but Lyle shows Junior blank postcards his mother sent him. All of the postcards have paintings of things that have happened in the Dome (the Egg, butterflies, red rain, etc.) However, the postcards abruptly end. Junior asks if his mother was a prophet. Lyle tells Junior that she also kept a journal. Junior thinks Sam has it. Lyle baits Junior with the revelation of Angie’s murder being in the journal to get Junior to come find it with him.

Meanwhile, Rebecca sneaks into a lab and is doing creepy mysterious lab work. Big Jim finds her and is pissed off that she created a virus. Rebecca tries to explain herself, saying the virus will determine who can carry their own weight. It can infect a quarter of the population and it is Darwinian in nature. Survival of the fittest. Rebecca has lost it, everybody. Big Jim doesn’t want to play God though. Rebecca urges him to act now. Calm down, Rebecca!


Barbie and the gang head over to Melanie’s old house. Joe and Melanie seem to be super close now, which, of course, annoys Norrie. Norrie gets all up in Barbie and Julia’s personal drama, but Barbie brushes her off. Melanie suddenly remembers seeing pink stars falling and going out into the nearby woods, so the gang goes out into the nearby woods. It just so happens that the spot Melanie is drawn to is the spot where they initially found the mini-dome!

Sam and Julia have apparently visited six farms since we last saw them, but haven’t found Rebecca. Sam starts to defend Rebecca, saying people are full of surprises. Julia scoffs at this. They eventually run into pig farmer, Tom, who is upset because all of his pigs are dying now. Somehow Julia and Sam figure out that Rebecca is cultivating a virus and she and Big Jim are going to release it. They rush off to stop this from happening.

In the woods, Melanie steps onto the exact spot where the mini-Dome used to be, she has a vision! It’s her and three others: young Sam, young Lyle, and young Pauline. They found a meteor and all four touched it. It cracked open and they found an egg inside. Melanie took it, saying she wanted to protect it, and tried to run off, but she was pushed and hit her head…and died! As Melanie finishes her flashback story, everyone looks around in shock.


Big Jim and Rebecca are fast approaching the time for their plan to come into fruition. Big Jim tells the story of his wife and her (non) suicide and how he didn’t make the tough, right choice and now she is dead. Rebecca tells the story of how her mother suddenly died, and so she turned to science to find answers because there is always an answer if you look hard enough. The vials are ready and Rebecca tells him to distribute it in water.


God bless Colin Ford aka Joe. He is just not the best actor. Yikes. He spells out the truth of Melanie’s story for us. Melanie relates that it was young Sam, who pushed and killed her. Barbie digs in the spot where the mini-Dome was and finds a space rock and a necklace with the initials, “M.C,” for Melanie Cross. Melanie doesn’t understand. If she died, how is she here now? They then talk about how it is weird that Sam pretends not to know who Melanie is. Hmm.

Big Jim arrives at the town meeting, looking uneasy. Oh, look, a Phil appearance. That’s nice. Anyways, Big Jim heads for a pitcher of water, but is interrupted by Sam and Julia, who burst onto the scene. They yell and reveal his plans and fight the vial out of his hands. Unfortunately, it isn’t the virus. Rebecca has it! Rebecca is over at the town church, thinking about putting the virus in the Holy Water. She knows no bounds, this woman! Luckily, she overhears pig farmer Tom talking about his dead pigs and realizes that the virus has mutated. As she leaves the church, Julia flies onto the scene, pushing Rebecca down in awesome fashion. Rebecca says she didn’t do it! Relief.

Sam brings Big Jim to jail and then Julia arrives, bringing Rebecca to jail. I guess Sam and Rebecca are now cops. Rebecca explains she knew Big Jim would never do it and then she had a change of heart when she heard the virus mutated. She repeats Big Jim’s line from earlier. She doesn’t want to play God. And into jail the two crazies go! Yay! Before the cell door slams, Big Jim tells Julia that Barbie was all for the plan.

Meanwhile, over at Sam’s cabin, Junior and Lyle have a standoff when Junior finds his mother’s journal. Lyle rips it out of his hands and starts voraciously reading it. Junior thinks Lyle may have killed Angie and then just used Junior to get out of jail. Lyle drops the journal and then whacks Junior on the head before fleeing.

Later, Barbie and the gang arrive to find an unconscious Junior. Junior wakes up and reveals Lyle attacked him, took his mom’s journal, and probably killed Angie.

Julia invites Sam into her house and they talk about their day, pretty satisfied with themselves. Julia is grateful Sam believed her. Barbie shows up at her door, but she just slams the door in his face. Ouch! Sam decides to go in for a kiss, but Julia harshly pushes him away, but apologizes and asks him to stay. As she prepares tea, Sam looks at his shoulder. He has a pretty intense scratch mark… Angie’s KILLER!!!

And that’s it for today! This episode moved at a really fast pace and characters were all over the place. Also, answers keep coming in, so I am loving it. Let me know what you guys thought of the episode in the comments below.

Under the Dome airs Monday @ 10/9c on CBS. Watch full episodes online at, Hulu and Amazon Instant Video.

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