Sometimes, a Kickstarter project is so much cooler than it seems. Such is the case for The Lord of Catan, a short film directed by Stu Paul which stars Amy Acker and Fran Kranz. It has been made, and is now on the road as part of a few film festivals. The short film tells the story of a married couple who let a board game get a bit out of hand. Through the game, old tensions and grudges reappear, thanks to the fact that there can only be one Lord of Catan. The New York and Los Angeles premieres are coming up very quickly, and aren’t to be missed!


The East Coast Premiere of The Lord of Catan will take place at the NY Shorts Fest on May 29 at 7:30pm at the Landmark Sunshine Theater. Fran Kranz is confirmed for a Q&A. Tickets can be purchased here for $11.50.

The West Coast Premiere will be at Dances With Films on May 31 at 2:45pm in the Competition Shorts Group 2 program. The screening will be held at the TCL Chinese Theaters at Hollywood and Highland in Los Angeles. Writer-director Stu Paul will be present for a Q&A as well. Tickets can be purchased here for $11 until the festival opens, when the tickets will be $13.
Director Stu Paul has a few words for all Whedonites:


I humbly beseech all Joss Junkies, Acolytes of Acker and card-carrying members of the Cult of Kranz in Los Angeles and New York to come out and show your love and support.  I, in turn, pledge to blow your gorramn mind out onto the street.
Stu Paul


You can check out the trailer at Vimeo or Youtube, and be sure to check out The Lord of Catan‘s Facebook page! You can also follow director Stu Paul on Twitter and keep up with The Lord of Catan on his blog!
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