In Episode 2, Bears Will Be Bears, we get a quote from Goldilocks and the Three Bears before seeing a couple sneak into the bears’ house. True to the story, the bears come home to find Goldy (Amy Gumenick) in their bed and she runs away. But in this version, her boyfriend gets attacked by the bears before he can escape. And honestly, that’s really a more realistic conclusion. I mean, I always questioned Goldilock’s ability to get past three bears. It seems more likely they would have mauled her face off, but I digress.

Next we find out that Nick is fine, he was just injected with neurotoxin, and if he’d had even a little more it would have stopped his breathing. No big deal. And, of course, the Reaper was only seen from the back on the security cameras. This means she must have backed out of the room and down the hall after injecting Nick, but I’ll just take it on faith that’s exactly what happened. But his aunt’s condition has worsened and Captain Renard, being caring and trustworthy and totally not the Reaper who ordered her death, puts the room under guard. This gives Nick the peace of mind to leave and get back to work. Which he does. Entrust his aunt to normal officers who have no idea what kind of weird things might be coming to attack her. Good job, Nick.

MonroeBack at the station, Goldilocks, who’s name is Gilda (Which means gilded. See what they did there?), has been arrested for a DUI and she reports her boyfriend missing. Nick suspects something supernatural is going on, but he doesn’t know what yet. And when Nick needs answers, he goes to Monroe. Monroe tells him all about the Jagerbars and the Roh-Hatz, which is their seriously violent version of a bar mitzvah. Or would it be a bear mitzvah? *ahem* I lost control for a moment, moving on. Then Nick goes back to the bears’ house and asks after Goldilock’s boyfriend, which serves to piss the bear family off and make lawyer daddy bear (Currie Graham) get all threateny.

Nick finally gets a chance to chat with creepy Aunt Marie and finds out there are other Grimms and an undetermined amount of Reapers. My guess is team Reaper outnumbers team Grimm.

Then, (surprise, surprise) the captain says they can’t keep guarding creepy Aunt Marie. So, of course Nick asks Monroe to guard her, which leads to Monroe apprehending her attackers in the funniest scene of someone’s arm getting ripped off, ever.

Roh-HatzGoldilocks, upon finding out the cops aren’t getting anywhere, goes to get her boyfriend back at gunpoint and instead becomes another hunting animal for the Roh-Hatz.

Now this is the part where Nick asks daddy bear for help, and then, totally trusting him, leaves with him in his “four wheeler” (which is just a souped up golf cart) to stop his own son. Seriously? I mean, sure it all works out in the end, but this was some poor judgement. He could have just as easily driven out to the Roh-Hatz and held Nick down to let everyone maul his face off.

Monroe calls Nick back to the hospital since he’s, understandably, a little freaked out after having ripped off someone’s arm. Nick makes it back just in time to see his aunt stab her next attacker in the stomach with a scalpel before dying in his arms.

Aunt Marie dies

Then, once again stoking my over-active imagination, there’s a shot of Juliette watching as Nick drives the creepy trailer to an undisclosed location. She’s a Reaper spy, I tell you!

And then we move to the last scene where we see some unknown beastie watching Nick and Juliette as they put flowers on Marie’s grave. (Is it wrong that I thought David Giuntoli looked hot in that scence? And that I thought it was funny the way he and Bitsie Tulloch couldn’t decide whether to hold hands or put their arms around each other and kept alternating awkwardly between the two?)

What have we learned?: There are other Grimms and an unknown number of Reapers, there’s a monster spying on Nick, Nick can be dangerously trusting, and the Reapers have a supply of neurotoxins.

What’s going to happen?: Seeing as the Reapers don’t know about the trailer, I’m thinking someone’s gonna find it and that’s gonna be a problem. Also, Aunt Marie killed a lot of beasties’ family members and Nick’s probably gonna see the fallout. (i.e. He’s gonna have to deal with a host of vengeful monsters.) And with Aunt Marie dead, this means Nick is a full Grimm now. I hope we get to learn more about how the abilities are passed on.

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