Okay so, although evil Damon is super hot, he is sure making a mess of things and is not exactly doing all he can to get Elena back.


Katharine is loving life inside her doppelganger’s body as she is young, full of life, everyone loves her and, more importantly, she is a vampire again. Once again, somehow, Katharine is getting exactly what she wants, now all she needs to do is get Stefan back, which is, of course, number one on her list. Meanwhile, Caroline is still trying to deal with the return of her ex, Tyler, and her recent indiscretion with Klaus and her solution…attend Whitmore’s Bitter Ball with her best friends.


A ball? This is the perfect opportunity for Katharine to lure Stefan to her and see about making her move. Of course, Stefan does not know that the girl calling him isn’t Elena. Reluctant, but agreeable, Stefan agrees to go to the ball because he has something to tell Elena, Damon has killed her friend Aaron.

In the meantime, Damon and Enzo have become the perfect killing team and their next target is Dr. Wes Maxfield. However, since Bonnie is no longer a witch she cannot do a locator spell to find the good ole professor, but that won’t stop the vampires from forcing her to help them. In a move that is very much like the old Damon, from season one, he kidnaps Jeremy and uses him as leverage to get Bonnie to find another witch to do the spell. Katharine wants to just let Jeremy die, but of course Elena would never allow such a thing to happen, and so she swoops in at the last minute to save Jeremy’s life. This was one of the better moments of the episode, as Katharine was forced to perform CPR on Elena’s little brother. As she placed her mouth on his, her face was priceless, like that of a person eating a rotten egg. Classic Katharine!


Back in Mystic Falls, Nadia is being a good little lap dog daughter and is getting all the information Katharine needs out of Matt, who luckily has a friend like Tyler, who figures out that Matt is being compelled. After drinking vervain, Matt puts two-and-two together and realizes that Elena is not really Elena. Nadia threatens both Matt and Tyler’s lives if he says anything to anyone about what Katharine and Nadia have done to Elena.


We are left with the ultimate cliffhanger, where Damon has left with Enzo to find Maxfield in Richmond, Virginia. A trip that has cost him his privileges to return to Mystic Falls and the respect of his ex-girlfriend and brother, but the trip also holds a worse punishment. When Enzo and Damon find Maxfield, he injects Damon with the serum that forces vampires to feed on other vampires. This does not look good for any vampire that gets in killer Damon’s path.

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