On Bones, Brennan and Booth attend an unusual funeral, and find their latest victims in a very strange way. Finn is back tonight as well. His business is booming and he can’t wait to share his happiness with the team and his lady. Let’s dig in… get it?

****Spoilers Below****

We start tonight off at a funeral for a wealthy artifact collector (Todd) that Brennan insisted on paying respects to. Booth is trying to entertain himself with some football on his phone when Todd, the supposed deceased, walks into his own funeral. Yep, that’s weird… and entertaining enough for Booth to put his phone down. So who exactly is in the urn?? You’re about to find out.

Our hedge fund guy and very much alive “victim” Todd, was supposedly in Costa Rica in rehab… and just heard about his own funeral today. A dead man was found at his apartment, but Todd seems to know nothing. The remains of the unknown man are about to be investigated, and the urn is poured out. The good news is a bad job was done at the funeral home, and there were big chunks in this urn… the bad news is there is not one, not two, but three different charred remains in this urn. Temperance is tickled at the challenge; and Hodgins works on evidence inspection, while Angela tries to identify the body at the murder scene.

His name is Daniel Bar, Todd’s personal assistant, so it is strange that Todd had no idea. Hodgins does figure out that an ancient artifact was used in the murder of Daniel, and it was of immense value. It is called The Slaughter’s Chalice and it hasn’t been seen in over 300 years!! However, parts of it seem to be in Daniel’s head.

Many suspects have to be investigated. Todd’s mother for one, is a criminal herself. She actually stole from her own son… and is certifiable. Todd’s latest girlfriend is interviewed, and another artifact dealer is arrested, because she had stolen items; and she also had contact with Daniel about the artifact. The team has to get more evidence and brings in the entire cremulator. What they find is how this man really died, and tons of other important evidence. The evidence points to Todd of course, and he quickly admits guilt and asks for a lawyer. Booth can tell something is just not right. Why would a billionaire just give up like that? He must be protecting someone.

Everybody works super hard to figure out conclusively who did this to Daniel. There was so much conflicting evidence. We finally find out that Todd’s girlfriend was sick of Daniel providing heroin to her boyfriend, Todd. She not only killed Daniel, but was the one with the artifact. She killed out of love- which is not an excuse- but at least there is closure.

Tonight, Finn is back and his hot sauce business is booming. He is so excited to see his girlfriend, Camille’s daughter, Michelle. Sadly, she isn’t happy to see him. She broke up with him and broke his heart tonight. Nobody has it all …and his life was too good to be true at the moment. It is super sucky, but in real life hearts are destroyed everyday. He is right, nobody has everything they want. He’s adorable and will get over it, and hopefully we will see more of him sooner than later. The cup is now in a museum and everyone can rest until the next case. See y’all next Monday.

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