We spoke to the cast and crew of the Fox’s suspense thriller, The Following, while at San Diego Comic Con.  We got some interesting intel on the new season from executive producers Kevin Williamson and Marcos Siega and cast members, Kevin Bacon (Ryan Hardy), James Purefoy (Joe Carroll), Shawn Ashmore (Mike Weston) and Valorie Curry (Emma Hill).


There is so much to tell, that we had to break the story into two parts!  Check out Part 1 of our interviews below.


Kevin Williamson discusses actors who would like to work with again, jumping ahead one year in the new season, new series regulars and why James Purefoy is sporting a beard.


Marcos Siega talks about flashforwards and flashbacks in the new season, the impact of killing off key characters and new beginnings.


Kevin Bacon discusses the advantages of working in the TV medium, where Ryan Hardy is now, delving deeper into characters and exploring emotions and life changes.


James Purefoy discusses his newly grown beard, what surprised him in the first season, how he would like to see Joe Carroll evolve – well, that is if Joe were to survive…


Shawn Ashmore discusses the repercussions for Mike Weston from last season, parallels between Mike and Ryan Hardy, fight club, and working with Kevin Bacon.


Valorie Curry talks to us about the process of creating a character, what’s going on with Emma, how playing a dark character affects real life and the new type of storytelling for Season 2.


The Following airs on Fox Network.  Look for part 2 of our talk with The Following coming up soon.

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