Before that, executive director Jack Kenny talked about plans for a spin-off show featuring H.G. Wells, who lived the fantastic adventures she let her brother (also H.G. Wells) take the credit for. He says the plan is for Jaime Murray to play that character on special quests across the world, but he pointed out it will not be like the main show. That is, it won’t just be about artifacts.

He also pointed out that it’s not the artifact that is the most important thing, but the situation or story that may have a connection with an artifact. He also relies a lot on Wikipedia for ideas. He revealed that in the Christmas episode, there is an artifact that will have a connection with the short story that inspired the classic movie It’s A Wonderful Life.

Speaking of connections…


Now that Pete (Eddie McClintock) and Myka (Joanne Kelly) are back together as agents for the Warehouse, what about any chance of another type of connection? Just like Jack and Alison on Eureka, both actors insist on taking it slow. Kelly said she likes to see how Myka is blooming as a person after being so private with her feelings and with others. McClintock agrees. "I love the fact they have a brother-sister relationship," he said. "It speaks to the fact that Pete respects his job, respects his employer, respects his fellow worker. Even though he loves her, he feels like there’s a barrier that doesn’t like to be crossed." Still, he thinks the partners’ relationship will deepen over time.



Saul Rubinek, who plays Artie, is very proud of the show, but he suspects that a lot of viewers are uncounted because they watch the show on their computers instead of their TVs. Still, he says the show has appeal with all ages, because the warehouse staff is like a family: Artie as dad, Pete and Myka the siblings, and Claudia as the brash teenager. "I think you wouldn’t watch the show," Rubinek says, "if there wasn’t a family dynamic that you could relate to." It also helps, he says that the show is wittier, and that you have strong, smart women like Myka, Claudia and Mrs. Fredericks.

Rubinek also revealed he’s written a play that will be directed in London by none other than Frank Oz this fall.

As for Alison Scagliotti, who plays computer hacker Claudia Donovan, she’s aware that now that her character is a field agent, that means more responsibility. This is especially true since she’s on the verge of adulthood. "It’s an important time, kind of a scary time, growing up, she says, "figuring out what your identity is with the context of your group." She hopes the show will delve into more of Claudia’s back story and how that may affect her future.

She has done a crossover story on Eureka, but doubts that Claudia would likely be in shows like Mad Men or The Killing. However, she would see herself in SyFy’s other shows like Alphas and Haven.

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