Abby Miller CaperIn Geek & Sundry’s new scripted drama, Caper, Penny Blue fights crime with a special battle suit called The Machine. She designed it for Clarke Industries, but had to steal it back when she lost her job. What’s more, her ex-boss  is getting all the credit, and she’s having problems paying the rent with her fellow super-roommates. They suggest breaking into Clarke Industries, but she refuses… until a bank plans to foreclose on her dad’s home. The fact that Clarke Industries owns the bank may have something to do with it.

Whedonopolis got an email interview with Abby Miller, who plays Penny.

How did you get involved with the project?

I worked with Amy Berg, the co-writer and creator, last year on a pilot.  And we hit it off.  I loved working with her on that and since then she’s become a fantastic friend.  When she told me about this project and introduced me to Mike Sizemore (the other co-writer and creator) and Felicia Day, I was floored and excited and begged her to bring me on board.  Begged her and brought donuts.

Were there any major differences working on a web-series versus cable television?

All in all, it wasn’t that terribly different.  Cable television, or at least the shows I’ve been on, move fast.  So did Caper.  We were shooting 10 plus pages a day sometimes.  But, this is the stuff I love, I’m drawn to the indie mentality, the “it takes a village” approach.  Everyone was there because they wanted to be.  Sure, there’s more money in cable television.  But, the attitude still rings true.  And the character work, the writing, it does as well.

Are there any funny or really memorable moments from the set you can share with us?

Honestly, it’s hard because there were so many!  I know, a lame answer.  Now that I can reveal it officially, working with Scott Bakula was definitely up there.  I grew up on Quantum Leap and for him to play my dad, it was just surreal.  And I looooved working with Beth, Hartley, and Harry.  There was so much support going on.  They are all incredible human beings and such talents.  I was so fortunate.

Trailer for Geek & Sundry’s “Caper”

Do you share any traits with your character?

Yes.  I like being in control and I like having a plan.  It’s hard for me to just go with the flow sometimes.  You wouldn’t guess it upon meeting me but yeah, I’m a little uptight.  Yoga’s helped.  I wonder if Penny practices yoga… I’m gonna go with yes.

If you had any super powers, what would they be?

I have a couple but the main one I’ve been talking about would be reading peoples thoughts, and animals too.  All living creatures.  But I’d want to be able to hit mute from time to time.  So, I’d be like Sookie Stackhouse, but with a couple additions.  Sookie 5.0.

If Penny could have super-powers, which do you think she would have and/or wants to have?

I think Penny’s pretty happy with her life as a human.  Being able to “take off” her powers and just be herself.  I don’t know though, sometimes when I watch those action sequences with all the running I do think to myself a little power wouldn’t be so bad.  Ugh.  Okay, I’m gonna go with stay human and just be The Machine.  Final answer.

What is one thing you want fans to know about the series before they see it?

As I’ve said before, this was a real labor of love for us all.  We truly, truly loved making it and hope you enjoy it.  Tell your friends!

Is there anything else in the pipeline you’d like to share?

It’s pilot season… working away on booking one of those.  🙂

New episodes of Caper are available at Geek and Sundry’s YT channel and Hulu every Wednesday. Chapter three, “Psycho Path,” is available today.

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