We got to talk to some of the cast of Syfy’s Lost Girl while at San Diego Comic Con.  Kris Holden-Reid (Dyson), Zoie Palmer (Lauren) and Ksenia Solo (Kenzie) give us the lowdown on life with and without our favorite fae, Bo (played by Anna Silk).

Check out Part 1 of our interviews below.

Kris Holden-Reid and Zoie Palmer talk about life and love with Bo (Anna Silk), how the show is growing, the challenges of working in sci fi, what other roles they would like to tackle and the perils of playing doctor… in the woods.



Ksenia Solo talks about Kenzie’s survival in the Fae world without Bo, how the time apart will affect the bond between Bo and Kenzie, what’s going on with the relationship with Hale, her summer music jam and the origin of the name, “Ksenia.”



Lost Girl airs on Syfy and shooting for season 4 has already begun.  I, for one, can’t wait!  Look for Part 2 of our chat with the cast coming up soon.


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