“Comic Patrol” is a regular feature pointing out articles, previews, and tidbits relating to the Whedon comic-verse!



Greetings, comic book sniffers!

Here’s your weekly dose of Whedon geek news – sequential art style! It’s good variety this edition, so don’t wait any longer! Dig in!

‘Till the end of the world,
Bryant the Comic Book Slayer



Keep Dreaming, Rocket Raccoon!!! – Looks like Guardians of the Galaxy won’t be in Avengers 2!!!

Looking Good There, Buff!!!Buffy: Season 9 #25 solicitation and Phil Noto cover (Spoilers)!!!

Buffy The Comic Book Logo Slayer!!! – Georges Jeanty cover for Buffy: Season 9 #25!!!

But Marvel Could Really Use A Good Browncoat!!! – Nathan Fillion doesn’t expect to be a Marvel superhero soon!!!

RED, White & Blue!!! – Two Avengers get romantic on the set of Captain America 2!!!

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