Marti Noxon is about to revive the franchise of one the most famous heroines around… aside from Buffy Summers. More after the jump

Noxon Pix

Noxon has been chosen to write the next Tomb Raider movie for MGM. Graham King will develop the movie under the GK Films banner. Paramount had made two Tomb Raider movies with Angelina Jolie as Lara Croft. The rights expired, then King picked them up for MGM because of Croft’s continued popularity. The latest Tomb Raider video game, which featured a younger Croft, sold about three million units after it was released three months ago. It’s not known if Noxon’s version will feature a younger Croft as well.

Noxon had worked on Buffy as consulting producer, writer and eventually executive producer in the show’s final two seasons. She’s worked as writer and producer on several series including Angel, Private Practice, Prison Break, Mad Men and Glee. She also wrote the screenplays for the films Fright Night and I Am Number Four.




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