Hey Grimm fans! So, you know how sometimes you’re like, “I wish I could get a key with a map etched into it like Nick has.” Well, now you can!

On September 25, 2013, Dark Horse Deluxe is releasing a whole line of collectibles including sculpted, wearable pinthe_key replicas of Nick’s key (which you can see a mock-up of in all of its detailed glory to the right) and one of the coins of Zakynthos. At fine retailers everywhere, you will also be able to buy an embossed, heavy-gauge, litho-printed, classic tin lunchbox, a sixteen-ounce pint glass, a deluxe coffee mug, and an embroidered skull-design patch.

And this is just the first wave. They also plan to make busts, journals, playing cards, and lenticular items at a later date.

Soon, you could have Nick’s head. By your bed. Just think about that.


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