The Doctor has become…something she hates?
The Flux saga has pulled off another incredible cliffhanger as the Weeping Angels invade a village to look for someone.
Of course, things aren’t what they seem.
It includes a B-story with Bel, showing how Swarm and Azure may be the death of the universe.


The episode centers on the search for a missing child in Medderton in 1967, but also looks at experiments being done by someone named Professor Jericho (Kevin McNally). He interviews a woman named Claire.
Yes, THAT Claire (Annabel Scholey), who saw a Weeping Angel and got zapped back to 1965. She suddenly says “time is over” and “The Angel has the TARDIS”, which he doesn’t understand

Speaking of which, the Doctor does get rid of the Angel who hijacked the TARDIS last week with some dodgy rewiring. She gets to Medderton, and soon gets involved in the search. She also finds Jericho and Claire.
Claire seems to be affected more than she lets on. She has been drawing premonitions, including an Angel and a TARDIS. She even sees herself as a Weeping Angel. Has one possessed her?

It’s amazing how much stronger the Angels have become this season. It’s not enough to try not to blink when it’s coming. They even appear as any image. Invading video games last week was just a hint. That’s why this episode will have a high body count. They’re literally everywhere.
It’s not long before they get rid of a vicar, and even Yaz and Dan. They’re being sent to….

Cut to Bel (Thaddea Graham), still hoping to find Vinder somewhere in space. She lands on Puzano, where a guy named Namaca (Blake Harrison) says someone is promising a safe place away from the damage to the Flux.
Too good to be true? Of course, because Azure (Rochenda Sandall) is tricking people to enter her Passenger Prison. She gets nearly everyone, but not Bel. Seems she’s heard of this Passenger being. Namaca is upset by this, but soon realizes he dodged a bullet.
If Swarm and Azure want to reduce the universe to ashes via the Flux, why have millions of people in prison through these Passenger beings? As sport, maybe? They need something to stave off boredom. Torturing people seems to be it.

Back to Medderton, Yaz and Dan find Peggy (Polly Polivnick), but also that they’re in 1901. That was the last time the Weeping Angels erased everyone there.
They also discover the town has been literally take out of time and space. Who’d do that, and what is quantum extraction?
At one point, they find a spot where they’re in the day, while the other side is dark. That’s because they’re in 1901, and the dark side is 1967.
It gets more heartbreaking when Peggy’s great aunt and uncle find her, but an Angel touches them. They die before her eyes, but what is worse is that she had seen it before. She doesn’t eve shed a tear.
Later, an old woman named Mrs. Hayward (Penelope McGhie) sees the 1901 time zone and reveals she’s Peggy, and the younger side of her won’t get back to her own time.

Claire admits she had a vision of a Weeping Angel, and that’s why she’s possessed by one. The Doctor connects her mind with Claire, and winds up in a beach where The Seventh Seal may have taken place. The Doctor wants the Angel out of Claire, but it claims it was being chased by the other Angels.
It gets worse: they work for Division, who seems to employ everyone everywhere for whatever mission they want done. That, of course, included the Doctor.

ClaireAngel wants her protection in exchange for knowledge, even the Doctor’s redacted past. Nothing is decided, though, as both wake up with dozens of Angels around them and Jericho.
One thing about him, he tries very hard to face the Weeping Angels down, and shows confidence. He’s not foolish, or arrogant. Even if he’s a bit over his head, he won’t go down easily. If he survives this story somehow, he’d make a great recurring character.
Still, he doesn’t win. One blink, and he’s also in 1901 with Yaz, Dan and Peggy.

Then, one of the most shocking cliffhangers in years ends the episode. Thanks to the BBC, you can click here to see it.
It turns out the Angel that possessed Claire got a better deal, and the Doctor is betrayed. The Angels of Division didn’t want the Angel that possessed Claire.
They really wanted the Doctor.
Division has “recalled her”, and her transformation into an Weeping Angel is one of the most chilling moments ever.

Division must be aware what Swarm and Azure are doing, unleashing time to destroy space. It needs the Doctor to stop them, although it’s unclear why making her a Weeping Angel is part of the plan. It just wants Swarm gone, and acceptable losses are part of the game.
That even means killing a Time Lord.

To avoid sending the viewers into despair, the show has a mid-credit scene where Vinder learns Bel was on Puzano. After she leaves a message, he says he’s on his way…somehow.

This was one tough episode, and not even “reversing the polarity of the neutron flow” will change that.

Next week, the survivors of the Flux wonder what’s next, but it’s not good. At least there’s a Kate Stewart sighting.

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