After more than a year of raising money, filming and post-production, Lust For Love, featuring some familiar faces from Dollhouse, will get its first screening. More after the jump…

In the fall of 2011, Anton King and Dichen Lachman used Kickstarter to raise funds for a film called Lust For Love. It’s about a guy named Anton (Fran Kranz) who just lost his long-time crush Mila (Beau Garrett). He decides to get some help on how to woo women from her ex-pal Cali (Dichen Lachman). Along the way, he finds out why Cali and Mila aren’t friends, and they look hard at their romantic expectations. The cast also includes Enver Gjokai and Miracle Laurie from Dollhouse, Caitlin Stasey from the CW’s new show Reign, and Maurissa Tanchareon, co-writer of the Marvel’s Agents of SHIELD pilot.  Maurissa also sings in Much Ado About Nothing.

King and Dichen were able to raise 100 thousand dollars by November of 2011, and the film was expected to be completed last year. I put in 25 dollars for a DVD. Like many projects it took longer than planned, and it will finally be shown to the Kickstarter investors and fans next week at a free screening.  Q&A with the cast afterwards.

It’ll be Lust for Love vertical photoscreened Tuesday, June 18th at the Harmony Gold Theatre in Los Angeles. [edit 6/18 – so much interest that no more seats are available].   Let us know in the comments section what you think of talent going directly to the fans for project funds through sites such as Kickstarter and Indigogo?

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