The first fan at the microphone complimented her boots and Jewel went on to describe how she had bought them in Las Vegas. He then asked what happened to the "Non-PG" pictures from the recent wrap party. She mentioned that she had received a lot of messages on MySpace about the pictures from the party and posted only those that would not get anybody mad at her. The rest of the pictures are in a vault somewhere and that they will stay there "as blackmail". 

The next fan asked about the previous night’s episode of Stargate- Atlantis and a scene between Jewel and David Hewlett. She explained that they were in a very small plane and could not have the engine running because it was too loud for the sound guys, so no air conditioning and they were sweating profusely. She laughed that she had tasted his sweat and it was pretty good. Jewel and her husband were going out the night the episode aired and while he was waiting for her to get ready he turned on the TV in the hotel room. After watching the scene, his reaction was like "Oh God" she said giggling. 

A question was asked about how she got into acting. Jewel said she started acting when she was ten. She was shopping with her mom and someone asked if she wanted to join their agency and, in a very bratty way, she said "No". Her mom told her, if she acts she can get paid and would be able to shop more. Jewel then agreed and started in commercials, did a TV movie and was hooked. She now loves it. 

Jewel was asked about learning Chinese for firefly and if she speaks any other languages. Basically, she said she does not, but would like to learn French because it is Canada’s second language. She would love to go to Paris. Jewel would also like to learn Spanish and demonstrated the few words she knew. She also said she would like to learn Italian. 

Next, someone asked her about her favorite websites. Jewel listed off several shopping websites and said she was getting good at the "Check Out" button. She said she is always online and loves the internet. 

A question about Las Vegas was asked to which Jewel replied that she is a good girl and plays the slots machines a little, but not too much. Her favorite activities are eating out, shopping and lying by the pool. 

The next fan asked a question about how much of Jewel is in each role she played. She commented that there is a little bit of her in every role she does. But, Dr. Keller was probably most like her, because when she got the role they didn’t have the character written. 

Again, a question was asked about her travels; what happens in Mexico stays in Mexico? Jewel affirmed that was true and said she was recently in Hawaii and that it was "a vacation from a vacation". She was in Maui for her friend Laura Bertram‘s (Trance Gemini from Andromeda) wedding. 

A fan wanted to know about her gaining weight for her role in Firefly. She was given three weeks to do it. Jewel told Joss it would be no problem, she could do it. He asked her if she would need a nutritionist, she answered no and ate everything she could. She ate so much, a favorite being French Fries and mayonaise, that she finally lost her appetite. After Firefly was cancelled, Jewel went back to her normal eating habits and felt better. She lost weight before the filming of Serenity and was worried Joss would ask her to gain again. Joss didn’t insist because what was he going to do, replace her! 

Jewel was then asked about wearing the big gown, instead of always being in coveralls. She said she was jealous of Morena Baccarin‘s wardrobe. Morena preferred jeans and t-shirts and still looked good. When Jewel was finally able to wear a dress she was excited, but her excitement did not last. She found it was hard sit down in the dress; they had to find her a crate to sit on. When she had to go to the bathroom, they had to undo the hoop in front of everyone. 

Even with the hoop off there were problems going to the bathroom, "just too much skirt for the stall". One time, Morena helped in trying to keep dress out of the way and out of the toilet. Jewel mentioned she wasn’t always successful in keeping it dry, but had to wear it a few more days. She quickly learned to hate it. Joss wanted her to wear it during the scene when they were hostages playing cards, but she talked him out of it. 

A question about what a musical Firefly might be like. Jewel thought Kaylee might do a "Hills are Alive with the Sound of Music" type song. She said Nathan Fillion likes to sing and totally enjoys Karaoke and has even given himself a name, something like "Johnny Wa". She reminisced about a trip to Maui, when Nathan lost his mind over Karaoke at a restaurant. He even got Jewel to do a duet from the movie Grease, he just loved it so much. She acknowledged that Gina Torres is a trained singer and Alan Tudyk can sing, as well. Morena, on the other hand, can not. 

When asked if she kept anything from Firefly, Jewel admitted to a few things. She took home the "Kaylee" bedroom door sign and her hammock from the engine room. According to her, Nathan took everything else. He came to work with a box and took the fake money, tools and the compression coil. He also tried to take home the head from "Jayne’s" statue, but Adam Baldwin had words with him. Gina’s fitted leather jacket disappeared, so Nathan was accused of taking it, too. 

Jewel said that Na
than was the biggest Firefly fan ever; he even played it in his home at parties on mute, which she thought was a little weird. When the movie was made, they rebuilt everything, and then they tried to take everything from the movie set. 

Jewel was asked about a favorite story from Firefly, she said she has a lot. One from the pilot was that they were all shy in becoming friends. During the scene where she was shot and lying on the floor, Nathan’s pants ripped when he bent down to pick her up. He exclaimed "Oh, great! Now my ass is hanging out!" and made her laugh. After that, they became good friends and it turned out that he liked making her laugh. 

Jewel then told the "finger story" which was all the creative ways Nathan had for flipping her "the bird". One was a magic trick, in which he covered his hand with a scarf and then, magically, revealed his finger. Another time he told her to turn around, then ran to the other side of the room to flip her off from there. There was also a time when he tried to give her a jewelry box with a hole cut out of the bottom and his finger inside. 

She got back at him one time when they were staying at his house. Jewel put a valentine in his mailbox with a letter from "a fan" that was really creepy. Nathan was always worried that someone would find out where he lived. He read the valentine and got really paranoid and told Jewel she had to read it. Then, he noticed something else in the envelope. It turned out to be a picture of Jewel "flipping the bird". 

Again, the fun had to end and Jewel left the stage, leaving the crowd laughing and applauding. Ron Glass in the morning and now Jewel in the afternoon and it is only Saturday; we still have Sunday to go.


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