The biggest new super hero show on the CW is Black Lightning.  What sets it apart from other superhero shows is that its focus is on a micro scale about a single neighborhood and the powered family that protects it.  The villain is not trying to take over the world or destroy it, but deal drugs and make money.  This concept lends the story a bit a realism, especially with the family dynamics of Jefferson Pierce raising two daughters in the middle of the turmoil in the city of Freeland.

This year at Wondercon we got to go behind the scenes and talk to writers and creators of Black Lightning.   They answered burning questions like, “will Black Lightning be included on the crossovers with other CW shows?”, and “which character do feel most comfortable writing?”.   Check out the interviews below with showrunner Salim Akil, co-producers Adam Giaurdrone, Pat Charles and writer Lamont Macgee.



Black Lightning airs on Tuesdays on The CW.

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