She commented that the one complaint that was most voiced by fans that morning at the breakfast: that she hasn’t been to any conventions in a long time. Her answer to that was that she had been working and that she had a baby. Her daughter takes up a lot of her time, but the little one agreed to have her oatmeal and fruit with someone else this morning so that Gina could be there with us. She also promised that she will be replying to all her fan mail from the past year and a half, her daughter has just kept her busy.

Gina admitted to having "Mommy brain" and since several years have gone by since Firefly and Serenity, she watched her Firefly ;DVD’s to bring back accurate memories, so she wouldn’t have to make things up like Nathan (Fillion) does". She excitedly exclaimed "This is a really good show!" And while she was watching wondered, "How are we going to get out of this one?"

Gina teasingly told the crowd that she decided to turn the tables on us. She had a list of questions for us to answer. She promised that there are not too many and not to be concerned, the fans will get through them with flying colors.

Gina’s first question was in the episode "Shindig", where was the social event of the season held? Several in the crowd yelled, "Persephone".

The first question at the microphone asked if there was anything she kept from the show. She answered, as the others did, that Nathan was helping himself to everything. She did keep her gun and one of Zoe’s belts.

Now, it was Gina’s turn to ask, she exclaimed "Don’t be bashful, don’t be shy" asking how many episodes did Badger (Mark Sheppard) show up in and the names of the episodes. The crowd got it right; two episodes, the pilot, "Serenity" and "Shindig".

Next, a woman asked if there is anything Gina knows as a mother that she didn’t know before. She replied, besides sleep deprivation, the most significant thing has to do with a something a friend had said to her. She said that after you have a baby, you will know just how much your mother loved you; it will change you. Gina confirmed that now she truly knows how much her mother loved her. She then looked up and said, "I am so sorry, Mom" for her teen years and for staying out late and not calling.

Gina’s turn again for a question, what kind of fruit made Kaylee (Jewel Staite) all "you know"? Again the crowd answered all at once, "Strawberries".

The next fan at the microphone asked, what aspect or side of Zoe; was not explored? Gina replied that being able to wear a dress would have been nice. Someone yelled out "one with a little slink" and then she commented on what it took to finally put her in a dress (Wash’s funeral), but then again "What a dress". Zoe was so complicated and hard to play, she kept her cards close to her chest; if she got emotional nothing would get done. The coolest people on the ship were the women, she said.

Gina’s turn again. They revealed precious, live cargo 3 times, What were they? Several from the crowd yelled their answers: River (Summer Glau), cows and Tracey (Jonathan Woodward).

Gina was then asked, of the strong characters she’s played, which was her favorite? She answered Zoe, of course, and that she learned something from all the homicidal, maniacal women that she played. Also a favorite was Anna Espinosa (Alias), commenting that "Anna loved her job". She also liked playing Jasmine (Angel). Gina added that "when you’re almost 6 feet tall, they have a hard time because you can’t be the woman in distress", but the great news is that she gets to play strong women.

Next, Gina asked the audience to complete this line, "We got here in just the nick of time, what does that make us?" The crowd roars "Big Damn Heroes".

Now, Gina is asked if she preferred Serenity costumes or Firefly. She answered that she liked them both. A favorite is her vest with the buckle on the side and the laureate around her neck. She commented that the pants were too tight for everyone, no spandex. Nathan went through a few pair. She then demonstrated how they had to sit, they just were not able to not bend. Inara’s (Morena Baccarin) costumes were all custom made, by hand from sketches. Again, she repeated her favorite was her leather vest.

Now, Gina asked the fans who the special hell was reserved for. Of course, the fans got it right. People who talk in the theater and child molesters.

A fan told Gina that she had a conversation with the costume designer at Comic Con, in which she was told that there was a dress, a slinky dress, designed for Zoe; to wear in a scene on Firefly. Gina confirmed and said Joss could not stand to have her look "so stunning". It was to be worn in "The Message", at the beginning of the episode for "date night". She convinced Joss to let her wear the dress for rehearsal, saying "It’s date night, I have my pretty underwear on". Zoe had to pick up Tracey’s coffin wearing a skirt and heels. It didn’t work, so she put on her regular clothes.

Gina’s question: True or false. When Wash (Alan Tudyk) and Zoë met, it was love at first sight. The audience replied "False". Jokingly, Gina said, "You don’t know. I might have been deflecting." Then she continued a conversation with members of the audience about how Wash tended to talk about her butt a lot. 

The next fan asked about rumors of her playing Wonder Woman. Gina said the rumors were not true, but that she would do it in a heartbeat. She then walked to the side of the stage to show us her imitation of Wonder Woman. She ran in from the side of the stage, looked around to make sure no one was watching and did the Wonder Woman spin. She added that when Joss was attached to the movie, she told him that she didn’t have to be Wonder Woman, but when you have an Amazon you put them in your movie. 

Gina now asked us, who is Vera? Of course, it is Jayne’s favorite gun. Who was worth it to Jayne? Yes, it was Saffron (Christina Hendricks); she was also only woman Zoë ever hit. 

A young man dressed like Mal asked Gina what a musical Firefly would be like. She suggested Zoë would do some "torch song" perhaps singing in the middle of a gun fight. It would be a lovely smoky number and that it was too bad they did not get that far because they were all looking forward to it. Gina’s first professional part was in Dream Girls, she played the Beyonce part. She said she loved it and has recently auditioned for a Broadway show; so keep your fingers crossed. 

Next Gina asked, which episode did she miss because she got married. It turns out she didn’t miss any. An episode films for 8 business days so she just missed the first 4 days of "Jayne’s Town" and last 4 days of "Out of Gas" for her wedding and honeymoon. 

The next fan at the microphone exclaimed "Oh, crap you are beautiful" and added "I fell in love with every character". She asked if they keep in touch and the answer was, yes, they fell in love with each other. Gina went on to say they all adored each other and had a great deal of respect for each other. She pointed out, when you are in the desert at 5:30am, you want to really like the other people. When the show was cancelled it was really the saddest thing for her. She was devastated at the thought of them all not seeing each other every day. But Nathan is still their captain and rounds them up to have bean dip and beer and to catch up. 

Gina’s turn again, which episode did Simon (Sean Maher) stop being crew and become a client? "Ariel", of course. 

A question about the blooper reel was asked, it was the one concerning Alan waking up with a start. Gina admitted she hadn’t watched the reel for a while, so could not remember what was on it. She commented that she was sure it was hard to find scenes for the reel that would not have to be completely "bleeped". She admitted that she has a "potty mouth" and now, having a baby around, she would have to watch it. In that scene, Gina said Alan was hilarious, did crazy things, his crazy hair and snorting. She could not keep a straight face, cracking up all the time. After each long day, they sometimes could not hold it together. During filming "Heart of Gold" when, as she put it, "we put the whore in the ground" they were having a good time, even with the woman singing "Amazing Grace", they were cracking up. 

Gina now invited the fans to sing the Firefly theme song with her. She started it out and then everyone joined in. She imitated a guitar solo in the middle of the song, then led us to the finish. 

A fan asked if she had any playful "wars" with other cast members, like Nathan and Jewel’s "finger war". She said she didn’t get involved in that, and that Nathan and Jewel would say horrible things to each other. It was like a big brother and little sister, very hilarious. Jewel was a trouble maker. They all just knew too much about each other and could use it against each other. It just was not good to have serious beefs. 

Now a fan of Stand Off asked what happened to the show. Gina said "Oh, you were the one." She was happy to hear someone was a fan and said it should be on DVD at some point. Fox Studios had a hard time finding an audience. She commented that Flash Point was a cheap imitation, but that everyone from the show is working. 

Gina was asked if she adored beating up Jennifer Garner. She said that it was great because Jennifer is not a 5ft. 2in. waif. She is also tall and they looked at each other and said thought, yeah, let’s get to it. 

Now down to the last few fans, one asked what is the meaning of Zoë’s necklace. Gina didn’t know, she thought the necklace was an ode to western frontier. She added that her bracelet was her wedding ring, showing that she was betrothed to Wash. 

Finally, Gina was asked if she had a favorite episode. Her favorite is "Out of Gas" and she is sure Zoë told Wash to shave that thing off! 

Time was up and Gina thanked the fans as she left the stage to a standing ovation. But, it was still early and we had a full days worth of activities to look forward to, including two more Q&A’s.

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