The costumes range from the original (like the girls walking around looking like Sylar’s victims) to the classic (like Princess Leia in the bikini) to the bizarre, like the Elvis Storm Trooper that apparently comes every year, to the full grown man in a furry bunny suit (complete with nose) to the guy dressed up as He-Man… and let me tell you, we saw that all of HE was clearly a man.

We spent a lot of time walking around the exhibitors’ room, and we saw tons of busts and statues for different franchises, such as "Harry Potter", "Dr. Who" and "Buffy the Vampire Slayer" and some of the original costumes for the upcoming movie "The Golden Compass". Even the Black Pearl is here! (Well, a replica, but still.) Everybody hangs out with everybody else; we caught Wile E. Coyote hanging out with Sam and Dean Winchester and Harry Potter and Hermione Granger at the Warner Brothers booth.

Among the things we did today, that we’ll bring you more extensively over the course of next week, were:

* The unveiling of the new Marvel Superheroes Stamp Series from the USPS.

* Lions Gate’s panel for upcoming releases, including "3:10 to Yuma", starring Alan Tudyk.

* An exclusive interview with "Torchwood" writers Chris Chibnall and Noel Clarke.

* The "Torchwood" preview panel.

* The "Hatchet" movie panel, featuring Mercedes McNab and Tony Todd (with whom we caught up shortly afterwards for juicy tidbits about this and other projects.)

* The panel for "Lost".

* Interviews for "Superman: Doomsday" with writer/producer Duane Capizzi, director Brandon Vietti and voice casting director Andrea Romano, who spill it all about working with Adam Baldwin (Superman’s voice) and James Marsters (Lex Luthor).

So come one, come all, read what we have to tell you about the con, live vicariously through us and get ready, because in-depth coverage starts next Monday.

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