People, people and… yes, you guessed it, more people crammed the exhibition hall as well as the panel rooms today. There are yet more people in costume (Mad Eye Moody and Dr. Who come to mind, in addition to a bunch of Jedis, Storm Troopers and, last but not least, Darth Homer Simpson, which was… well, disturbing), even if said costume is as simple as a straight bloody line across your forehead to become one of Sylar’s victims. Creativity is never amiss in conventions like these.

"But Maria," you, gentle readers, will say, "whatever did you Whedonopolis folk cover today? I’m living vicariously through you and want to know all you did."

Well, to know ALL we did, you have to wait until next week, because you know us – we don’t "try" to cover things. We DO cover them, and that leads to more extensive reports than usual. Among the things you’ll see on the site next week, we have:

* The panel for "24"

* An interview with writer/producer David Fury!

* The panel for IDW, with the skinny on Season 6 "Angel," now called "After the Fall"

* The panel for Dark Horse comics

* The panel for the new NBC show "Chuck"

* Panels for "Stargate SG-1" and "Stargate Atlantis"

* The panel for "Eureka"

And now, just because we like to tease you with our exclusive coverage, go over to our Exclusive Interviews section and read what "Southland Tales" director Richard Kelly told us about the movie’s release date and Sarah Michelle Gellar’s character. It’s a must read!

Catch you all tomorrow, after we’ve braved the throngs present at the "Supernatural" panel, among other things we have planned.

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