Sometime during Comic-Con, a group of people will celebrate the night celebrating horrifying cinema and feasting on a gruesome feast of unspeakable delights.

Who are these denizens of darkness?
Relax, it’s the media talking to stars of some very spooky movies.



The Con of Dacci_logorkness will be held on Friday July 19th at the Voyeur in San Diego as part of Comic-Con. Dark Sky Films is part of the event to publicize its new movie, “Frankenstein’s Army”, while IFC Midnight will be promoting several films including “Maniac”, “Room 237”, “Antiviral” and “Errors of The Human Body”. Several celebrities are expected to be part of the event, but it’s not known yet who will be coming.Con of Darkness poster

The list of movies should appeal to any horror movie fan. For example, “Frankenstein’s Army” is about some Russian soldiers who discover that Hitler may have been trying to come up with a last-ditch plan to win World War II: creating super-soldiers the same way a certain Dr. Victor Frankenstein tried to create life.

“Maniac” is about Frank, played by Elijah Wood, who runs a mannequin store. He’s approached by an artist named Anna. As they get closer, he becomes more obsessed with her, and it releases a dark urge he has tried to suppress.  The movie is currently available On Demand at many cable outlets.

“Antiviral”, directed by Brandon Cronenberg (yes, David Cornenberg’s son), is about a man who sells diseases that come from the bodies of celebrities. When he has a disease that killed a celebrity, he becomes hunted by obsessed fans, while he tries to figure out why the celebrity died.

“Room 237” is an unusual film because it tries to find hidden meanings in the movie, “The Shining” that includes possible conspiracies.

“Errors of the Human Body”, which had been available On Demand, is about a geneticist who is haunted by the loss of his son by a genetic mutation . He moves to Germany, where he is part of a project investigating a regenerative gene that has some connections with his tragedy. His obsession with the project threatens his sanity.

A-List Entertainemnt is organizing the party, with help from EntertainmentOne, DreadCentral,, Femme Fatales magazine and San Diego’s Haunted Hotel attraction. While it is a media event, lucky Comic-Con fans may get tickets through special drawings via Twitter and Facebook

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