The first fan brought up the days when James used to go to conventions dressed as Star Trek’s Spock, totally geeked out and asked how did it feel ten years ago when James was to appear as a guest. James stated that he appreciated that the fans were there to let their freak out instead of having to be common and boring. His convention experience as a fan in his Spock ears were some of the best times of his life. He said he had felt beautiful and that the experience as a fan was awesome.

The next question was about the filming of Dragonball and the four hours of makeup. According to James the first time took 17 hours so after that four hours was nothing. He mentioned a “hats off” to anyone who has to wear a full makeup job. It basically hurt and you sweat for hours. His costume was great but was so tight he could not breathe. Also, there were no stunt men, so James had to do his own stunts. They were throwing him off of cliffs where he had to spin, which really terrified him. He continued with stories of how the stunt men did it first for the purpose of setting up the shot and then James would have to take over and follow through on the stunt. He found that it was hard and terrifying but also the best experience.

The next fan was one of James’ regular and loyal fans who asked how James felt about always seeing the same faces at every event. She stated that many loyal fans queue up for hours and sometimes overnight. He responded that it is about love and that if his loyal fans want to create love in a room together that it is a beautiful thing.

James was asked about his experience at the Paley Center event and reuniting with his former cast mates. He felt it was a bit of a letdown because they were asked really good questions from the audience, but gave only safe answers. According to James, Seth Green was the only one giving wild answers.

The next fan stated that she did not have a question, just enjoyed listening to him talk. So James went on a rant about particle physics and science. The following fan offered him an energy drink which he declined and asked him about his musical influences. Bob Dylan, Muddy Waters [for the hurricane force in his voice], Johnny Lee Hooker [for his anger and love] and then Joni Mitchell all influenced his music.

A question about a Buffy movie or perhaps a period piece with Drusilla was asked. James went over several ideas he had about for Spike and meandered from one story idea to another. The next fan asked how James felt about how Spike was sacrificed so cheaply in the final episode of Buffy and if it could have been handled better. James stated that the end of the show was not about Spike, but about the Potentials and the freeing of the power. He would like to have not had the Potentials on the show and to have Spike decide to sacrifice himself. A hero chooses to proactively sacrifice himself not to just have it surprise him.

The next fan had an obvious British accent and said she was asking a question for friends back home. Her question was about Torchwood and if John Barrowman a good kisser. The audience erupted and James stated that he was straight and that kissing someone with whiskers is not a turn on to him. The first time he met him John was in character and being an openly gay man he was grabbing the women all over the place. This made James nervous because he was afraid of being grabbed and the kiss scene was to happen the next day. As it turned out, John was calmer the next day and turned out to be a good acting partner. When ‘The Kiss’ happened, it ended up that James kissed John too hard because he thought it had to be passionate. On a sexual level, it was not hot for him but he has kissed hot woman who were not so nice and he would rather kiss John, any day.

James was asked who had better chemistry, Spike and Drusilla or Spike and Buffy. His response is Spike and Drusilla, because Juliette Landau brought out a fearlessness in him. Another question was asked about Dragonball and his opinion of the final results of the film. He said he really didn’t’ know, it depends on how well the special effects are done. He also commented that he thought his character should be old and ugly after being in prison for 2000 years. The producers wanted his character young and beautiful, so James told the makeup person to go ahead and age the character and the director agreed.

Back to Torchwood with a question asked about Captain John’’s costume. Captain John is a time traveler and a thief and steals as he goes thus ending up with an eclectic costume. Next was a discussion about how James has grown as an actor and that he is working with younger actors. He says being in his forties is rockin’’ and that he can bring his experience to the set. When asked what medium he prefers, film, TV or theater, he replied theater. He has done over 100 plays and his favorite character is Macbeth.

The next fan asked James how he keeps from losing his soul in Hollywood. He says he stays away from Hollywood parties and avoids the paparazzi scene and surrounds himself with people who don’’t care about all that, but just care about him.

A question was now asked about his pick for the Democratic candidate, Hillary Clinton or Barack Obama. He had spent years hoping that Hillary would run, but now Barack makes his heart swell and makes him cry.

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