Common Rotation's style is unique; they need to be experienced in person. My daughter actually smiled during the show and later complimented their talent and that is a start in my book. I think children and teens need to be exposed to a variety of music genres. Enjoying live music should be a family experience.

Common Rotation covered songs from their latest CD, "Is A Lie," including "Union Dues" and "How To Lose." We were treated to new songs along with old from their other CD's "Clear Channel" and "Big Fear." I received a smirk from my daughter when they did "With My Trumpet in My Hand" after a lengthy introduction.

SCB, Steve Carson Band, was the first band to take the stage. They were followed by Mylin, who seemed to be a favorite among the preteen and teen girls present. Mylin is Philippine born and Oklahoma raised; which is the inspiration for her song "American Girl" with which she finished her set. Dusty Rhodes and the River Band finished off the evening.


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