Legacies is back, and the writers changed it up a little.

Since episode one, there’s always been a monster of the week. Who was the monster this week? The Necromancer (Ben Geurens)? Sebastian (Thomas Doherty)? They are both villains, but there was no typical monster showdown.

The Necromancer was a fun monster we had last season, but he disappeared and until now didn’t know what happened to him. Malivore made him human and sent him to Texas. We then got to see him on his journey to regaining his power back and trying to live as a human. Could this mean he’s going to be a more significant threat in the coming episodes? I can’t imagine them giving him so much screen time to kill him in the next episode.

It finally came full circle when he found what he needed to return to full power, the dark magic sand. We knew there would be consequences for Josie (Kaylee Bryant) using dark magic. She was worried about herself hurting someone, but it makes sense that it could be just as deadly if someone else got their hands on it. It might be time to tell Alaric (Matthew Davis) what the evil headmaster had her up to while he was gone. He may not have any powers, but he’s pretty good at solving supernatural problems. He handled a lot of them in The Vampire Diaries. But of course, these kids are going to try to resolve it themselves.

My favorite part of this episode was watching Sebastian take the tests to see if he could stay at the school. He fooled Landon (Aria Shahghasemi), but he couldn’t fool Alaric.

I hope this isn’t the end of Sebastian. He’s such an interesting character. He’s so mysterious, and he makes you want to know more. But, does he have control over Lizzie (Jenny Boyd)? Maybe he doesn’t have supernatural power over her, just a human one. He knows how attracted she is to him, and that can be an allure in itself. Either way, I want to get to know him more.

So, who was the monster this week? Maybe it was Sebastian since Alaric put an arrow in his back. I like a psychological villain, and this vampire is undoubtedly that.

While we didn’t have any battles this week, it was great to see Hope (Danielle Rose Russell) and Josie teaming up to help fix Josie’s mistake. It’s not a comfortable situation that these two are in, loving the same guy. I’m glad that they are working to move past that. With more monsters coming, they are going to need each other.

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