This Phoenix stone is even getting me confused. You can’t tell what’s real and what’s in their heads. You’re always hoping it’s just in their heads, because if it’s not, people are just dying left and right.

***** Spoilers Below *****

I think it’s safe to say that Elena’s body is fine. We did see the coffin in the future and Damon was sleeping to be reunited with her. While Damon was burning her body, I was terrified that was really her. The question is, who did he burn and how did Elena survive?

VD711a_0006b.rWe know Tyler is alive in the future too, but it appeared that Damon had killed him. Maybe he fed Tyler his blood just like he did with Bonnie and Matt when he lashed out.

While we can’t blame Damon for lashing out after being stuck in hell, we can blame him for not being honest with Stefan.

Stefan finally came clean and told Caroline and Damon what happened to him in the stone. He had to let go of his brother to save himself.

There would certainly be a lot less heartache if Stefan really let go of Damon and Damon let go of Elena, but there would be a lot less happiness, too. Love isn’t easy, whether it’s for a sibling or a significant other. That doesn’t mean you just give up.

This stone works in very twisted ways. As much as a bad boy as Damon is, he keeps Stefan’s humanity in check. The same goes for Elena with Damon. The stone wants to rip away their humanity and getting them to let go of the people they love the most is the way to do it.

VD711a_0251bWe are finally starting to find out who the huntress is. We haven’t really had a true villain this season. Enemies sure, but not really a true villain to be scared of.

The flash forwards are starting to make more sense. It was unclear before why this person was after Stefan and Damon. Now we know it’s because they were in the Phoenix stone.

But why use Caroline for bait if Steroline is no more? Could it be that there’s hope for Steroline after all? I’m sure there’s more to the story, but I’m going to just keep on hoping.

Matt is working for the enemy? I’m assuming the huntress is immortal. How else could she have lived for so many years. It’s not like Matt to work with immortals. I mean he was close with Caroline and Elena, but he pretty much tried his hardest to avoid the other vampires.

Matt has always wanted to get rid of the vampires, so maybe it makes sense. I’m very excited to see Matt get so dark. He’s never really had the best of story lines. He’s just always in the middle of vampire business. It looks like he’s finally going to get the story line he deserves.

Plus it sounds like he’s getting a girl! Could that police officer be his new girl? It also sounds like his relationship is doomed. I would feel bad for him, but I’m too excited to see where his character goes. He’s been such a great character, in need of a great story line.

I’m looking forward to meeting this huntress. After Klaus and Kai, we really need a great new bad guy. One that we can love and hate all at the same time.

Are you looking forward to meeting the Huntress? Are you excited for Matt’s new story line? Let me know in the comments below.

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