With every episode, DCU’s Titans continues to develop each of the characters that is not only the Titans, but also did an excellent job in an unofficial pilot, appropriately named, “Doom Patrol.”  There wasn’t any surprise that the first couple episodes were Grayson/Robin centric.  It was cool to see how his reluctant partnership with Rachel sparks his own memories, step by step showing how young Grayson’s life transitioned from living at the circus with his parent to when he will become Batman’s first Robin.  The two episodes have given what many fans have been waiting for, that is a Kori centric episode with Rachel as well then as a Gar centric episode.

Early critics focused on Starfire, stating all sorts of things from what she was wearing to her hair.  Those concerns has silenced for the most part once Titans started airing.   Anna Diop’s marvelously shows Kori’s strength and her personality in that she will do what she believes helps the greater good.  She develops a kindred friendship with Rachel in “Origins” choosing to be her protector.

My favorite Kori scene so far was the diner.  She saw injustice with the pig bullies taunting the waitress, and does what we know Starfire would do.  It’s innate within her to defend those being mistreated, and for the viewer, it is very entertaining watching her taking out each bully.  For me this was watching the Starfire I have read for over a decade.  She does the right things regardless of what others believe is right.

I also enjoy seeing the Kori/Grayson dynamic playout.  Grayson has so many conflicting emotions, but at the end of the day, like his former mentor, wants to be in control.  This works with many, except for Kori.  She calls him in his crap and his inconsistency, centering her in being a focal point for his development into becoming Nightwing.

I really like Rachel, even though part of this season is introducing the Titans, Hawk & Dove and now the Doom Patrol, it all surrounds who Rachel is and what is the darkness within her.  The writers continue to spin a tale where so many meet her and want to protect her from everyone who wants her power for their own agendas.  Interestingly enough, the show hits the mark perfectly on many sides of groups afraid of what is within Rachel without caring who this scared teenager is.  They dehumanize her giving themselves permission for what they believe is the greater good, these groups want her either killed or contained.

Fortunately, she finds those she can trust, especially with young Gar Logan.  Ryan Potter has had little screen time before “Doom Patrol” but makes up for it in this episode as well as lightens the mood of the episode while getting to know Rachel.  It was really cool to see how connected Gar and Rachel are from their first scene together in “Origins” then continuing in “Doom Patrol.”

Speaking of “Doom Patrol,” well done DCU!  Before this episode, I wasn’t sure how I would feel about this team getting its own show, but after this week I am very much looking forward to it.   Gar brings Rachel to where he lives.  Rachel is us in getting to know each of Gar’s extended family. Look for my article later this week talking about the members of Doom Patrol.

After four episodes and being introduced to several key men, women and children within the DC universe, the four characters find themselves all together at the conception of being a team.  Each having their own reasons to want to protect Rachel.

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