NBC’s cable sister channel, SyFy, is going to air the 8 hour marathon about our favorite nerd turned spy to kick off the upcoming 3rd season of the show.  And to top it off, the episodes have been hand-picked by producer Josh Schwartz and co-creator Chris Fedak.  According to THR.com www.thrfeed.com/2009/12/chuck-marathon-to-air-on-syfy.html , the marathon includes the season 2 premiere as well as the finale as follows:


Chuck vs. The First Date

Chuck vs. The Seduction

Chuck vs. The Break-Up

Chuck vs. The Santa Claus

Chuck vs. The Predator

Chuck vs. The Dream Job

Chuck vs. The Colonel

Chuck vs. The Ring


Here is a perfect opportunity to get some new UP w/ CHUCKers on board.  (OK, I’ll stop with the weird fan names — even though I really like using them).  But this is a great chance to reminisce about last season and hook some of the uninitiated into the crazy world of Chuck Bartowski and the folks that make it all worthwhile: Sarah, Casey, the wacky Buy More gang (complete with Jeffster), and the newly married "Awesome" couple, Ellie and Devon.


The new season of CHUCK will premiere Sunday, January 10th at 9:00 pm on NBC with a special two-hour episode and the show will move immediately into its regular Monday 8:00 pm timeslot on January 11th.  In addition to Chuck’s upgrade to Intersect version 2.0 complete with spy-type super-skills (batteries not included), we have a lot of interesting guest stars dropping in like Kristin Kreuk, Angie Harmon, Robert Patrick, Armand Assante and the "returning" Superman himself, Brandon Routh.


So, my fellow CHUCK lovers, what do you think of the marathon?  Are there any episodes you would like to see there that aren’t included.  What about the upcoming guest stars — who would you like to see visit our beloved nerd herd (Buy More and spy versions)?  Drop us a comment and share.



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