If you watch SYFY’s The Magicians, then you know we ended season 2 with our Fillory focused friends in quite the doozy of a predicament. Clearly season 3 will need to address topics like newly acquired amnesia, solitary confinement, a Dean’s betrayal and the monster in the room (literally).  In fact, the monster was one of the main points of discussion when we sat down with the cast and creators of the show at this year’s Comic Con. Although they couldn’t give much away (obviously – we have to wait and see!) we did learn that things won’t necessarily be resolved in the first few episodes, that there will be physical manifestations of said amnesia, and most importantly that we’ll get another musical episode.  This all makes it very hard to be patient and wait for 2019 for season 4 to air!

Until then, check out our videos from the press room and maybe give the series another rewatch in the meantime. I plan to!

Summer Bishil “Margo”

Hale Appleman “Eliot”

Stella Maeve “Julia”

Olivia Taylor Dudley “Alice”

EPs Sera Gamble and John McNamara

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