Danny Rand is one of the richest guys in New York. He’s also a mystical warrior who now has the job of protecting New York City. However, he’ll be facing some new foes.





The press got a preview of season two of Iron Fist during San Diego Comic-Con. Finn Jones, who plays Danny, discussed how season two is much different than season one. For one thing, he’s been seen in Defenders and one episode of Luke Cage a few weeks ago. He’s joined by new showrunner Raven Metzner, who says the story will be evolving from what has happened before. He mentions Danny will be living with Colleen Wing (Jessica Henwick, who was also there), and they’ll be just like a typical relationship taking a big step. Things will seem fine, but they’re not. Colleen has lost her warrior spirit after what happened in Defenders, but that is likely to change. Jones says he underwent a lot of training, even some tips from a real Shaolin monk. Metzner also talked about Danny’s new mask, and how the symbolism of the mask is an important part of martial arts.
This will be important when Danny discovers his new nemesis, Steel Serpent, is Davos (Sacha Dhawan), the other monk from K’un-Lun who wanted to be the Iron Fist.

Then, Simone Missick (who plays Misty Knight) answered questions with Marvel VP for Television Jeph Leob and Alice Eve, who plays the deadly and psychotic Typhoid Mary. He says things will get complicated when Davos and Mary get together. Eve says she could relate with Mary after learning so much about her.
Missick also recalls Misty’s journey when she loses her arm in Defenders and gets a new one on Luke Cage. She especially mentions how people see Misty’s new arm, then learns to get her swagger back. Misty also sees that helping Iron Fist out is different than helping Luke.
There’s also speculation Colleen and Misty could have their own series, but Leob says they’ll concentrate on the shows currently on Netflix.

Marvel’s Iron Fist will return to Netflix on September seventh, with all 13 episodes released at once.

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