Back in 1980, George R.R. Martin of “Game of Thrones” fame wrote a novella called “Nightflyers”. Now SYFY is releasing a new television series based on the novella (and it’s expansion in 1981) and from the trailer shown to the panel audience at this year’s SDCC, it will be every bit as gripping as the original work. After sitting down with the creators and cast, we learned that the first season (10 episodes) will stay pretty much to the published story, but the producers already have big plans for how they’ll carry the series forward in future seasons. Equal parts horror and science fiction, we can expect homage to some of both genres’ most popular cinematic predecessors!

Watch the videos below and be ready to tune into SYFY for the series premiere as soon as it’s announced!

David Ajala “Roy” and Gretchen Mol “Agatha”

EP Jeff Buhler and Angus Sampson “Rowan”

EPs David Bartis and Gene Klein

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