Tyrone and Tandy, two people united by a mysterious accident that gave them strange powers, drawn to each other but reluctant to come together.
That’s the premise behind Cloak and Dagger, Marvel’s first show for Freeform that has been a big hit for the channel. While the heroic pair may be trying to get to the bottom of how Roxxon is involved in the death of Tandy’s dad and how Tyrone’s brother died, they may be facing bigger problems when season two starts next year.



Aubrey Joseph and Olivia Holt talked about the relationship their characters have. He says trust is important, and that it’s good Tyrone thinks a cop is on his side. She says it’s a good idea Tyrone and Tandy start out as friends before it might become something more. However, Tandy’s ex-boyfriend will be back, while Evita is worried about what will happen to both of them.

Showrunner and creator Joe Pokaski reveals how they deal with issues like police brutality, environmentalism and domestic abuse on the show. He also reveals someone on the show will undergo a major change next year.

Ally Maki, who plays Roxxon engineer Mina Hess, explains how she got help from one of the writers to build her character, and how Mina has already inspired some fans. Ally also talks about how the fact Mina’s dad, who’s been in a catatonic state after the Roxxon accident, will affect the story now that he’s awake.

Finally Emma Lahana, who plays Officer Brigid O’Reilly, talks about the detective’s relationship with Tyrone, her connection with Luke Cage, and how things will change for her…literally…next year.

Cloak and Dagger airs every Thursday at 8 PM Eastern and Pacific, with the season finale on August third.

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