This past weekend in Las Vegas brought a number of actresses and creatives from various shows and networks with LGBT+ representation to ClexaCon 2018.  Wynonna Earp, a show with a kick ass female lead character and one of the best queer relationships on TV currently also showed up to represent!  In attendance were the Wayhaught ladies themselves: Kat Barrell (Nicole Haught) and Dominique Provost-Chalkley (Waverly Earp); Emily Andras – showrunner and creator; and Tamara Duarte, who plays Rosita, a bisexual revenant (demon) on the show.

The Wynonna Earp ladies are always a joy to be around, as you can tell they genuinely care about their show, characters, as well as the fans.  Wynonna Earp was a heavy presence at ClexaCon 2018, with a standard Wynonna Earp panel, a Wayhaught specific panel, a meetup, as well as a fans panel with a podcast taping afterwards.  By the way, if you haven’t listened to Wynonna Earp Podcast (ran by Kevin Bachelder and Bonnie Ferrar, it is a must for Earpers!

With so much Wynonna Earp coverage over the weekend, I’ll be listing some  of my highlights of the weekend for those who couldn’t attend!

Our beloved showrunner Emily Andras (#fandras) said that Season 3 makes Season 2 look like “that straight show.”  Wayhaught fans rejoice! Dominique Provost-Chalkley followed this up by saying we will get to see Wayhaught in a very lovely place in Season 3.

We may see some redemption for Rosita in Season 3 and more insight into her background.  Is she good like fans thought she was, or bad?  Or was she just fighting to survive as most people would?  Hopefully fans will find out more about her in Season 3!

In the Lost Girls Reunion panel, which Emily was also part of having been a writer on the show, fans also received the amazing news that Anna Silk would be joining her Doccubus partner Zoie Palmer as guest on Wynonna Earp Season 3!  It was teased that Anna’s character name is Kevin, which Emily reportedly later said was named after Kevin Bachelder (mentioned above).  I can’t wait to see what “Kevin” brings to the show!

The cast teared up numerous times during their panels talking about their characters and how much an honor it is to be a piece of the puzzle in growing LGBT+ representation.  The panels were very heartwarming to watch and it’s touching to see that a show which means so much to so many people, also means so much to the people a part of the show and behind the scenes.

Full panel coverage for Wynonna Earp at ClexaCon can be found on YouTube for both the Wynonna Earp and Wayhaught panels!  What were some of your favorite moments from the weekend?  Comment below!

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