As you know, Grimm fans, the latest episode did not air on Friday (Apr. 19). The east coast saw coverage of one of the Boston bombers being apprehended, while the west coast got a re-run of Bad Teeth (the first episode of the season). What you might have missed as you turned off your TV and went back to writing- or, erm, whatever you went back to- is that Grimm will soon be moving to Tuesdays at 10pm.

We will be getting the episode that didn’t air next Friday (Apr. 26) at 9pm, and then get the remaining four episodes on Tuesdays at 10pm, starting April 30th.

I mean, I guess that’s fine. But TGIT just doesn’t have the ring to it that TGIF (Thank Grimm It’s Friday) does. And we’ll see how it does in its new slot against Golden Boy (CBS), a drama about a young detective, and Body of Proof (ABC), a drama about a medical examiner.

What do you think of Grimm’s new, later move to Tuesday nights? Will you be watching “live” or DVRing?

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