“The Devil inside, the devil inside, every single one of us the devil inside”–INXS

SHIELD’s efforts to save the Earth just got more complicated. The stress is breaking the team apart, even when hard choices are being made. Also, Coulson is willing to hear what General Hale has to say about them, and how she thinks she’s saving the world (and is very wrong)






This episode show how great Iain de Caestecker can be as an actor. He does one heck of a job being Leo Fitz and the Framework version of him. It also confirms they both Fitzs are two sides of the same coin when it comes to science.

He’s still trying to find a way to compress the gravitonium to seal the crack that’s exploiting their deepest fears. When we see the return of Framework Fitz (aka Leopold and The Doctor), it believed it’s Real Fitz’s deepest fear made real.

However, it’s also pointed out Fitz is really stressed out over the problem. He can’t sleep and is barely able to think. Not even twiglets and Maltesers can help. That’s when Framework Fitz shows up, insisting they “finish” what they started. As fans remember, Framework Fitz also worked on experimenting on Inhumans. So, he apparently got one of Hale’s robots and used it to grab Daisy so she can have her powers restored. She’s used to compress the gravitonium to seal the crack, but she’s still worried she somehow makes the Earth explode even with some other possibilities emerging.

Then there’s that scene where Jemma Simmons interrupts Framework Fitz’s plans. We expect to see Real Fitz there.
We do see him,….just him.

It was him all along, making a very unpleasant choice to save the Earth.

It even turns out he was right. Daisy’s powers are restored and is physically but not emotionally fine. The mineral is compressed, and the crack is sealed for now….and no one is celebrating.

Fitz says he has started seeing his other self lately, and Jemma thinks it’s due to his brain injury, or likely a psychic break. It’s a variation of Jessica Jones still having Kilgrave in her head. Jemma doesn’t like what her husband’s done, but they both reluctantly agree hard choices have to be made to break the time loop. Does it also mean it breaks our newlyweds, and SHIELD along with it?

Maybe not. Deke (Jeff Ward) hasn’t suddenly faded away, and he tells Jemma thinks about Fitz that Deke only knows because he heard them from his mom. That includes the “taking steps” advice. Yep, Jemma figures out Deke is her grandson, and while he’s there, there is hope. He is hoping his future grandparents somehow stay intact through all this, because it will affect him.

This story line made this the best episode this season, but there’s still a lot to unpack. The issue of the time loop is also discussed by Elena and Mack. She wants to get back into action, just as soon as she masters her new arms. He’s still worried about keeping her safe, but she thinks she’ll last well into the future, or meets her clone. He won’t take any chances, because he thinks the future could be changed and it may not include her.

The big surprise is that Coulson finally confronts General Hale (Catherine Dent) over why she doesn’t like SHIELD. After a nifty kidnapping which she may had been expecting, she still thinks they’re terrorists while Daisy killed General Talbot. Hale knows it was an LMD but doesn’t mention it. Still,  Coulson is also aware Hale knows the truth because Piper (Briana Venskus) told her.

Hale also has Carl Creel, the Absorbing Man (Brian Patrick Wade), at her side thanks to planting a bomb on him. She also has Ivanov (Zach McGowan) thanks to holding his head hostage. He doesn’t mind, though, because his new body is a promise of preserving the human race for future generations.

Anyway, she insists Coulson come with her, and she’ll prove that she’s just trying to save the world and that SHIELD may be a major threat. Despite May’s severe objections, Coulson agrees. Since he is facing death, he has nothing to lose. Besides, he could discover Hale’s weak spot. Coulson is taking more chances, but this is to save the world since he’s already doomed

Then there’s the final scene where Hale talks to someone. This person says if Hale wants a “seat in the Confederacy”, she’ll have to prove her worth. He also talks about how she may be forced to “take the Odium” if she has to fight to the death.

That may be a massive hint that her “boss” is Kree, and he also leaves saying “Hail HYDRA”.

At this point, there could be many ways Earth could be destroyed, and the Kree could be the prime suspect. In any case, SHIELD has to stop them all. They may also ask why Hale chose the mystery man over Earth, but ambition is a likely guess.

The strange part of it is, they may have to help General Hale. We’ll find out why next week.

One more thing: Keep an eye out for Whedonopolis’ interviews with the cast during #WonderCon2018  Clark Gregg was not there as he’s part of the March For Our Lives event in Washington.

It also revealed how the next episode ends. Will Daisy and Ruby meet?

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