Friday at WonderCon 2018 we got a glimpse into season 5 of The 100 after talking to producer Jason Rothenberg and the men of The 100 about what we can expect!

Jason Rothenberg told us that there will be flashbacks scattered throughout the season of what the groups went through in the missing six years, but season 5 will pick up when the three separate factions are coming back together.  Jason says Bellamy will have a hard time adjusting to who his sister, Octavia has become. Octavia has had to do really dark things to keep the group in the bunker together; it will have really effected her soul and damaged her. It seems like “Darktavia” will be a force to be reckoned with!

Richard Harmon teases that after having spent six years in space with six other people, Murphy will have formed strong new bonds and Bellamy is like a best friend to Murphy.  He teases that throughout season 5, viewers will find out what spacekru went through in those six years.  Richard says there is a “lovely storyline” with Raven that was a lot of fun.  Richard says that with such a big time jump, it felt like a brand new slate and there was a lot of things their characters could let go of.  He says Murphy can finally in a way let go of the redemption story arc and move on.

Christopher Larkin (“Monty”) says in the vacuum of space you will either love or hate the people you’re stuck with for so long, and we’ll see how the relationships of spacekru have evolved or devolved as the season begins.  Christopher says being back in space may have served as a respite for Monty after everything he went through on the ground.

Bob Morley (“Bellamy”) says that Bellamy has believed the past six years that Clarke died when they left her, so viewers may be in for an emotional reunion when he finds out that isn’t the case.  He says Bellamy has been motivated to make sure spacekru survives, so Clarke didn’t die in vain. Bob says he believes what has been the hardest for Bellamy is worrying about Octavia and getting back to her.  He says that when Bellamy is looking out the window, he believes Bellamy is thinking about Octavia.  Bob says the spacekru will be like a new second family to Bellamy after being stuck with them in space for so long, so there will be interesting new dynamics to explore in season 5.

Below are the full videos from the press room for more information!

Jason Rothenberg (Executive Producer)

Richard Harmon (“Murphy”)

Christopher Larkin (“Monty”)

Bob Morley (“Bellamy”)

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