She started the session talking about her visit to Uganda, where her mother was investigating how young children who had been forced to fight as soldiers are trying to recover and live in a more peaceful world. Dushku’s mom is a political science professor at Suffolk University, and also teaches African Studies.

Dushku also talked about another recent challenge: comedy. She was recently on The Bg Bang Theory, where she played an FBI agent. She admits it was a bit scary doing a sitcom in front of a live audience, She hopes to prove how funny she can be.

She was also asked what inspires her. She said she relates to strong female role models, like Jamie Lee Curtis. She also gave a lot of credit to Joss Whedon, because Dollhouse helped her learn what it’s like to be a producer. She also liked how the story arcs of the show developed. She says that Joss has a way of horrifying you one moment and making you grateful the next.

Dushku was also asked whether she was disappointed that her boyfriend, Rick Fox, was voted off of Dancing With the Stars. She says that the show was almost like Dollhouse for him; as he had to play many roles and master many dances that season. She said she was proud of him, but wasn’t sure if she could dance like he did.

She also admitted that she could have been a college co-ed, if not for her role on Buffy, and how quickly Faith made an impact with the audience. She hopes to produce, and maybe even direct, in the future because she thinks she has a lot of stories to tell.

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