The mid-season finale was one desperate rush by the agents to get back to 2018. It drops some hints on what could happen to Earth, and Daisy may not be the only harbinger of doom. Some good people are also lost, but so is one bad one.





First off, who was Kasius’ (Dominic Rains) seer, and was it a big shock?
We did suspect Kasius would’ve cloned Robin, but this was a swerve. He cloned Elena instead to get an edge on what SHIELD would do against him. He took advantage of the fact that they were trapped in a time loop, resurrecting her over and over to get information. What’s worse is the clone’s arms are missing, maybe to mute her speed powers.

Seeing the real Elena meet her clone is a stunning scene, and Clone Elena tells the real Elena that maybe they can’t save the world. She says they more they fought when they return, the closer whatever ended the Earth came. It’s still not absolutely confirmed it’s SHIELD or Daisy’s fault, but the clone does say SHIELD should have let someone die.
That someone is Coulson, who has an infection when a Kree guard wounded him earlier this season. It could kill him, but he doesn’t want to admit that. The reveal about Coulson seemed to be a bit out of the blue, but at least it shows Daisy may not be to blame for the future. It’s also not quite certain why saving him would be dangerous.

Back to the episode, Kasius reveals his dad wanted to take over the Earth. If the agents are killed, his dad will have a clear path and maybe get there sooner. He also gets some clues from Robin’s pictures, including their plans to escape via monolith. However, Kasius is having problems keeping it together. He even says he’s discussing plans with his dead warrior Sinara. He does give something called Odium to Tye (Max E.Williams), his Inhuman trainer. It turns him into a guy who can’t feel pain but has too much roid rage.

Tess (Lisa Harrow) and Flint (Coy Stewart) try to get as many humans out of the Lighthouse via trawler, while Jemma gives him some guidance on how to put together the Monolith. They’re still having problems holding back the Kree. Tye attacks Daisy but she stabs him. Fitz beheads three Kree guards thanks to very thick wire. It’s a little gruesome, but it’s also interesting Jemma thought of it. They get rid of more Kree thanks to Flint directing a mini-asteroid shower from the outside.

While Clone Elena claims Coulson’s disease dooms the Earth, Daisy still thinks she cracked the Earth. She wants to stay at the Lighthouse and save humanity. Coulson won’t hear of it. He points out Earth is always going to be in trouble and the agents would have to be there. Then he uses a better argument:  knocking her out with an ICER. No one will be left behind on his watch. If the world is on the verge of doom, let’s hope she’s the one who saves it. After what Daisy has been through, she deserves it.

Mack finds Elena, but her arms are missing and Kasius is about to kill her. That’s the clone, of course, but Mack doesn’t know that. Kasius kills clone Elena, then takes Odium to beat Mack to death. It’s intense, but Kasius telling him “I’m gonna beat your body with your own skull” ruined the scene. Kasius is no Hulk Hogan, and it was a disappointing end to what was an interesting bad guy.
He is beaten when Jemma inserts the same enslavement gizmo that he put in her. He never hears Mack stabbing him to death. Mack’s also reunited with the real Elena, and will soon find out why there were two of her.

The final problem is getting the monolith going. Deke (Jeff Ward) learns the Lighthouse is unable to open the portal, but Enoch’s (Joel Stoffer) internal battery could. It also means they could be blasted to Kingdom Come, but Deke will take that chance. The edit of the final scene seems to suggest not everyone makes it when the portal is open. Let’s just say, though, that everyone does. Still, we’ll miss Enoch and Deke, who wound up being a hero after all.

Out in space, Tess and Flint discuss the future, like maybe putting the Earth back together. They’re really happy that they get a future. Maybe they’ll get a different one if the Earth isn’t destroyed after all, but they get one.

That ends the first half of season five. The agents are back to their present but with knowledge the Earth may be doomed because of them…or not. So far, only Fitz, Simmons and Elena know about the time loop, and they may be stuck in it forever unless Coulson dies.
However, this is Agents of SHIELD, not a cheesy sci-fi movie.
Coulson’s disease will come out as it progresses. What if Jemma cures it?
Daisy’s accused of blowing up the world. What if she doesn’t, but still uses her full powers safely?
Kasius says his father wanted to take over the Earth. What if the Kree show up with lights in the sky? Suddenly, asking SHIELD for help will be necessary.
It’s not over yet.

When the agents return, they see the Earth is under lockdown and everyone wants them behind bars, or dead.
Someone in full armor, according to the trailer for March second, is in charge. It’s not hard to picture General Hale from “Rewind” under that armor. She wants the agents dead, or they might take away young Robin the Seer from her. Remember, Robin’s still alive in 2018, and in hiding. The general is probably looking for her, and killing anyone who fails.
There’s one more thing: a teenage girl who’s very smart and obsessed with Daisy will get involved.
Her name is Ruby, played by Dove Cameron from the Disney Channel’s “Descendants” movies.
Her mom is General Hale. That could be a problem.

See you next month.

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